How to Remove a Signature from Gmail

How to Remove an Email Signature from Gmail

Want to send emails that are clean and entirely under your control? Find out here how to remove the signature from Gmail, for just one message, for mobile email, or for all your account.

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How to Remove an Email Signature from Gmail

Time needed: 3 minutes

To remove your email signature and make sure Gmail will not automatically insert it in emails you send:

  1. Click the Settings gear icon in Gmail.

    Where to find it: The gear looks like this: Gmail Settings Gear.
    Simple HTML Gmail signature: Note that basic HTML Gmail uses its own signature, which you can disable as well. (See below.)

  2. Select Settings from the menu that has appeared.

  3. Go to the General tab.

    Gmail shortcut: You can also navigate to Gmail settings directly in your browser.

  4. Under Signature, select No signature.

    This removes the signature overall: This will disable signatures for all Gmail sending addresses. You can also delete signatures for individual addresses. (See below.)
    Mobile signature: If you have set up a special mobile signature in Gmail for Android or iOS, disabling the desktop signature will not automatically also disable the mobile signature; to turn it off, see below.
    Remove the signature only from Gmail replies: To stop your signature only from appearing in replies (while new emails you send will still contain it), uncheck Insert this signature before quoted text in replies and remove the u0022u002du002du0022 line that precedes it. while you leave the signature intact.
    Under "Signature", do select "No signature"

  5. Click Save Changes.

Delete the Email Signature from a Sending Address

To delete the email signature for a specific address you have set up in Gmail for sending:

  1. Open Gmail signature settings. (See above.)
  2. Select the sending address or account whose signature you want to remove under Signature.
  3. Select all text (and images) in the signature.
    Gmail keyboard shortcut: Click inside the signature editing field and press Ctrl A (Windows, Linux) or Command A (Mac).
  4. Press Del or Backspace.
    Cut instead of deleting: You can save your signature’s text for later use, of course. Press Ctrl X (Windows, Linux) or Command X (Mac) to cut the text instead of deleting it and paste it into a Gmail note, for instance.
  5. Click Save Changes.

This will leave the signature intact for other addresses or accounts.

Remove Your Mobile Gmail Signature

To stop the Gmail apps for Android or iOS from appending your mobile signature:

  1. Open the Gmail app.
  2. Tap the hamburger menu button (Gmail app hamburger menu icon).
  3. Now tap Settings.
  4. Select the email account.
  5. Open Signature settings.
  6. Either disable Mobile signature or enable it while leaving the actual signature’s text empty.
    No” signature for mobile: Keeping the mobile signature enabled but empty lets you send emails from full desktop Gmail using a signature but without signature from the mobile Gmail apps.
    No default text: Type your signature will appear in the signature editor if you delete your mobile Gmail signature. This text will not be appended to your emails, though.

Remove Your Signature from an Email You Are Composing in Gmail

To remove your signature from an email you are writing right now (while keeping the Gmail signature settings untouched):

  1. Highlight the signature in the Gmail composition window with the mouse.
    Keyboard shortcut: Especially if you are writing a new email (with no quoted text following the signature, you can quickly select the signature using the keyboard: with the text cursor at the end of your text, press Ctrl ⬇︎ (Windows, Linux) or Command ⬇︎ (Mac).
  2. Press Del or Backspace.
    Highlight the signature in the Gmail composition window

Not for the Gmail apps: You cannot selectively remove the signature from an email you are writing in the Gmail app for iOS or Android.

(How to remove the email signature from Gmail tested in a desktop browser and the Gmail app for iOS; first published December 2019, last updated May 2024)

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