Looking for a new, highly functional free email account? Find out here what you need and which steps to take for a new Gmail account sign up.

First, One Historian Wades into the Sea with Another

The first page of the first edition of the first book of Edward Gibbon’s justly famous Decline and Fall contains—what else?—a quotation in Latin.

Here, Gibbon braces himself with Livy and his readers for the journey ahead:

I feel like someone who wades out into the sea, initially attracted by the shallow waters next to the shore, and I foresee any advance only taking me into even more enormous, bottomless depths. This undertaking, which seemed to get easier as I set out, is now almost getting harder with every step.

Liv. 31.1.5, translation following Yardley

Ready to start something new? Let’s wade into the warm, shallow and entirely welcoming seas of Gmail; it starts easy and—stays easy:

For a New Gmail Account Sign Up, Follow These Steps

To create a new Gmail account including a new @gmail.com email address:

  1. Visit the Create your Google Account page.
  2. Type your first name over First name and your last over Last name respectively.
  3. Choose a desired user name and enter it over Username.
    • Note: The Gmail user name is what you use to sign in to Gmail and Google, and it is the part of your Gmail email address that comes before “@gmail.com”.
    • Example: If your Gmail user name is “example398”, your new Gmail address is “[email protected]”.
    • Tip: You can use from 6 to 30 characters (including letters and numbers, but no special or whitespace characters) in your Gmail user name.
  4. Now enter your desired Gmail password over both Password and Confirm.
    • Important: Do not use a password you have used anywhere else.
    • Tip: What makes a password secure is typically its length, not being complicated. A random sentence that includes at least one symbol and one number and which you can remember is typically a good, safe email password.
    • Hint: For increased security, do set up 2-step authentication later.
  5. Click Next.

Enter Personal Data

  1. Choose your birthday over Month, Day and Year on top of Your birthday.
  2. Now pick how you want Gmail to refer to you over Gender.
  3. Optional: Enter your phone number over Phone number and an existing email address over Recovery email address.
    • Tip: You can fill either of those or both.
    • Why: The phone number and an alternate email address help you recover your Gmail account should you ever lose your password, or possibly when somebody hacks your Gmail account.
  4. Click Next.

Accept Terms and Finish New Gmail Account Sign Up

  1. Read Google’s privacy policy and conditions for use of Gmail under Privacy and Terms.
  2. Make sure I agree to Google’s Terms of Service is checked if you do agree to the terms of usage.
  3. Make sure to also check I agree to the processing of my information as described above and further explained in the Privacy Policy if you agree to Google’s privacy policy.
    • Tip: Do click MORE OPTIONS to customize Google’s use and saving of certain data, e.g., location data, your YouTube watching history or personalization of advertisements based on your activity on the internet.
  4. Click Create Account.

New Gmail Account Sign Up: FAQ

Does signing up for a new Gmail account also create a Google account?

Yes, with your new Gmail account comes a Google account including

accounts and more.

(For a new Gmail account sign up, follow these steps tested in a desktop browser; updated January 2019)