Define the text and style of your signature. Find out here how to change the email signature in and include just the right finishing text and even images with every email you send.

First, Seeds Outside Berries

could be fruits.

Take strawberries, for example. They have no seeds inside, and not really on their outside either: what we identify as “seeds” are truly the strawberry’s fruit that in turn contain seeds—from which you could grow strawberries (but typically won’t).

Now, emails typically grow more and more emails if you send them—and they do have signatures on their insides. With, you can even grow your own kind of signature.

Let’s find out how!

How to Change the Email Signature in

To change the email signature in to be your personal and own using a desktop browser:

  1. Click the Settings gear icon near the top right corner of your page.
  2. On the settings sheet that has appeared, select View all Outlook settings.
  3. Open the Mail category under Settings.
  4. Now go to Compose and reply.
    • Tip: As a shortcut, you can type “signature” over Search settings and select Email signature from the auto-completion suggestions to jump straight to’s signature settings.
  5. Compose your desired email signature in the text field under Email signature.
    • You will usually include at least your name and preferred (or necessary) contact information.
    • does not automatically include the standard email signature delimiter; you can add it manually, of course.
    • Try to limit your email signature to some 4–5 lines of text (not including the delimiter).
    • You can add formatting to your signature using the text field’s toolbar, and you can add an signature image as well.
  6. To have your signature automatically added to new messages:
    1. Make sure Automatically include my signature on new messages that I compose is checked.
  7. To have it inserted in replies and forwards as well:
    1. Make sure Automatically include my signature on messages I forward or reply to.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Now click × to close the Personalization settings sheet.

How to Change the Email Signature in FAQ

Can I insert my email signature manually?

Yes; you can add the signature to any message (including replies and forwards) you are composing in

Can I set up more than one email signature in

While allows you to create and change but one signature, you can turn to add-ons that let you set up multiple sigs for use with your emails. These add-ons include

Another—admittedly somewhat clumsy—option for multiple signatures in is to send yourself emails with the signatures you want to use and save these to a custom “Signatures” folder. You can then copy and paste the text and styling into new messages and replies as needed.

Can I have different signatures for different connected accounts in

No, will use the same standard signature for all accounts.

For multiple signatures and a special signature for mobile use, see other FAQ entries.

Where will insert my email signature in replies and new emails?

In new emails, will position the signature

  • at the bottom of the message with enough space to compose your message above it (and the text cursor jumping there by default).

When you reply or forward, will position it

  • before the quoted text of the original message and at the bottom of your reply—in between your text and the quoted message in effect.

Can I Set up a special signature for mobile use?

Yes, in’s mobile web interface, you can choose between using your standard (desktop) email signature or setting up a special one for mobile use.

Can I change the signature in when I write an email?

Yes, the signature in any email acts like other text in the message. You can add to it, delete text or images or change the formatting as you like before sending the message.

(How to change the email signature in updated December 2017; title image: StockUnlimited)