Take control of your email signature: find out here how to insert your Outlook.com signature manually (just) exactly where you want in new messages or replies and while forwarding.

First, the Oldest Joke on Film

When a garden hose abruptly stops sprinkling and you are in a movie, what do you do? You look down (or up) the hose, of course, to find out where all the wetness has gone.

When you look down (or up) the hose and you are in a movie, what happens? The sprinkling abruptly starts, and you are wetness personified.

Enacted in the Lumière brothers‘ 1895 short comedic movie “The Sprinkler Sprinkled”, this is the oldest joke in movies.

The signature in your Outlook.com emails sprinkles abruptly and barely in the right places? This might be one of the oldest jokes in email, but you can put the Outlook.com signature under control—and just where you want it in the emails you write:

How to Insert Your Outlook.com Signature Manually in an Email, Forward or Reply

To insert your email signature where you like and as you want in any email you are composing in Outlook.com on a desktop browser:

  1. Make sure you see the full composer while writing the message in Outlook.com: if you see an Expand button next to the recipient’s name or email address, do click it.
  2. Position the text cursor where you want the signature to appear.
    • Note: Outlook.com will insert your email signature right below that spot with one line left blank while leaving the text cursor in place for you to continue composing.
  3. Click the More actions button (•••) in the Outlook.com toolbar.
    • Tip: You can also select More (⌄) in the message’s formatting toolbar (at the text area’s bottom).
  4. Select Insert signature from the context menu that has appeared.

For full control over when and where your Outlook.com singnature appears, turn off automatic insertion for new messages and replies.

To insert your Outlook.com email signature manually in any message you are writing in Outlook.com in a mobile device‘s browser:

  1. Tap to position the text cursor where you want to insert your email signature.
    • Note: Outlook.com will leave the line on which you position the cursor intact and insert the signature below it, separated by an empty line.
  2. Tap the “more actions” button (•••) next to the email’s subject line.
  3. Now select Insert signature from the menu that has appeared.

Inserting Your Outlook.com Signature Manually: FAQ

Can I Insert My Outlook.com Email Signature More Than Once in the Same Message?

Yes, you can add the signature to the same email multiple times.

Do keep in mind that readers will typically expect that signature to mark the end of your message. They may not read on.

Yes, you can insert your Outlook.com signature inside an existing copy of the signature.

(How to insert your Outlook.com signature manually updated December 2017; tested with Outlook.com in a desktop browser; title image: StockUnlimited)