An object floating in space (or on your page), and text blending with the background. Find out here how to add transparent background in Paint 3D and translucency to your canvas.

First, Pour Yourself a Glass of Water

What you see is as common as it is unusual—and possibly two different liquids.

For what it’s worth, the two-liquid model of water can explain much of its (or their) odd behavior. Instead of one very strange liquid acting extravagantly, you might see two ordinary liquids acting quite within the norm—with the typically strange behavior that ensues when they interact.

Now, back to the “seeing” part; because one liquid or two, what you see is often not only the water but also what’s behind. Let’s turn images in Paint 3D into some kind of water (or waters) with translucency:

How to Add Transparent Background in Paint 3D

To make the background transparent for an image in Paint 3D for Windows 10:

  1. Select Canvas in the Paint 3D toolbar.
  2. Make sure Transparent canvas is On.
  3. Eventually save the image as a PNG or GIF file.
    • Important: only the PNG and GIF image formats support transparent background.

Make Part of the Picture Transparent

To add transparency to a region or part of an image you are editing in Paint 3D:

  1. Make sure the background is set up for translucency in the image you are editing in Paint 3D. (See above.)
  2. Select Brushes in the Paint 3D toolbar.
  3. Now pick the Eraser brush in the sidebar.
  4. Use the eraser to replace content with transparency.
    • Note: You can only erase on the canvas and in 2D with the eraser; to add transparency to three-dimensional objects, see below.
  5. Make sure you save the image using the PNG or GIF formats.

Remove a 3D Object

To delete an object from your 3D creation in Paint 3D:

  1. Select 3D Shapes in the Paint 3D toolbar.
  2. Now make sure Select is chosen in the toolbar right below.
  3. Click the three-dimensional object you want to remove from your canvas.
  4. Now click Delete () under Edit in the 3D selection sidebar.

How to Add Transparent Background in Paint 3D: FAQ

Can I make a 3D object transparent in Paint 3D?


While you can change the color, shading and lighting for any object in Paint 3D, you cannot currently make it translucent.

(How to add transparent background in Paint 3D tested with Paint 3D 5.1904; updated April 2019)