Want to resize, reshape, flip, remove and modify any object in a photo—any photo? Find out here how to se Paint 3D magic select so you can act on arbitrary objects (such as cars, poles or people) selectively.

First, an Ancient Remedy for Teething Pains

When babies’ teeth cause suffering, we need but turn to Pliny; in the interest of decency, let us leave the advice in the obscurity of a learned language, though:

ad dentitiones, cerebrum pecoris utilissimum est

Pliny the Elder

I will, of course, tell you where to find this ancient remedy in translation. I shall also, while we’re at it, tell you how to find—and select—objects in images using Microsoft Paint 3D for Windows 10, say to extract teeth:

How to Use Paint 3D Magic Select

Time needed: 3 minutes.

To select an object in an image quickly using the Paint 3D Magic select tool:

  1. Click Magic select in Paint 3D.


  2. Use the selection handles to draw a rough, rectangular outline around the object you want to select.

    Tip: Make sure the entire object is inside the selection.Draw a rough, rectangular outline

  3. Click Next under Choose an area to cut out in the sidebar.

    Note: If you do not see Choose an area to cut out, click the magic select icon in the sidebar.
    Tip: You can also expand the Paint 3D sidebar permanently.

  4. To add parts that magic select has not included:

    1. Make sure Add is highlighted under Refine your cutout in the sidebar.
    2. Draw over the part you want to add to the selection.
    Tip: You can draw a line, but also highlight the part or draw slightly inside its outline.Draw over the part you want to add to the selection

  5. To remove parts that magic select included but that are not part of the object you want to select:

    1. Make sure Remove is highlighted under Refine your cutout.
    2. Draw over the part you want to remove from the magic selection.
    Draw over the part you want to remove from the magic selection

  6. Click Done in the siedebar when you are happy with your selection.


  7. Work with the object as you desire.

How to Select Objects Magically in Paint 3D: FAQ

What does Autofill background mean, and should I use it?

With Autofill background enabled, Paint 3D will intelligently fill the background if you delete, move or alter an object magically selected.
It works similar to object removal tools in image editing software, filling in the background with surrounding pixel values so it blends in as perfectly as possible. Without autofilling, the object will be replaced with the background color (or a transparent background).
Usually, leaving Autofill background enabled is the better choice.
Note: After clicking Done, you cannot change the option; you can, of course, deselect the object and magically select it again with Autofill background checked or not selected.

(How to select objects magically in Paint 3D tested with Paint 3D 4; updated August 2019; title image: StockUnlimited)