Want to bookmark starting a new message in Outlook on the Web? Wish Gmail was your default email “program” in Google Chrome? Find out here what links (URLs) to use for composing emails in popular web-based email services both free and paid.

First, Mr. Thorough

The lawyer, author and friend to many a writer Daniel Ricketson exchanged numerous letters with David Henry Thoreau. In them, he sometimes addressed his friend as “Mr. Thorough.”

So, is it safe to assume we’re pronouncing Thoreau’s name all wrong? That people in Concord still say “Thorough” when they come across any Thoreau is another hint.

Figuring out how to construct or save a link that will start a new email in your favored web-based email service can seem like a hopeless guessing game as well. How about some hints?

These Are the Direct Links to Composing Emails in Web-Based Email Services

To start composing a new message in any of the following email services:

  1. Replace [email] with the email address to which you want to start composing a message.
    • Tip: You can drop [email] entirely, of course, to start a new message without a pre-filled recipient.
    • Note: To use an email service as the default email program in a browser, typically replace [email] with %s (the percent sign followed by ‘s’).
    • Examples: To start a new message to [email protected] in Gmail, open https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?hl=en&view=cm&tf=1&fs=1&[email protected]; to make Gmail handle email links in your browser, use https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?hl=en&view=cm&tf=1&fs=1&to=%s.
  2. Open or bookmark the resulting link.







iCloud Mail



This may open a composition window in a previous version of Outlook.com.

This will open a composition window without pre-filling the recipient.

Yahoo Mail


Yandex Mail


Zoho Mail

This may open a composition window in a previous version of Zoho Mail.

These Are the Direct Links to Composing Emails in Web-Based Email Services: FAQ

Can I make my browser open web-based email when I click an email address?

Yes, you usually can.

To configure a web-based email service as the “program” to use for email links, you can use the navigator.registerProtocolHandler command:

Can I make my Windows or Mac computer use web-based email as its default?

Yes, you can using Google Chrome.

To have Google Chrome open with a new message in your favored web-based email service when you click an email address:

  1. Make the desired email service the default email handler in Google Chrome.
    • Note: This will also make Google Chrome the operating system’s default email program.

(Direct links to composing emails in web-based email services updated October 2018)