Quickly remove messages from your inbox and still keep them around for reference. Find out here how to archive emails in iCloud Mail using iCloud.com in a browser.

First, Thoreau’s Hardness Scale

When John Thoreau and his son Henry David began experimenting with clay as a binding agent for the graphite in pencils in the 1830s and 40s, they found more clay meant a softer pencil and thicker line.

To classify the different degrees of hardness (and, perchance, to promote their pencils), the Thoreaus used a numbering scale ranging from the soft No. 1 to the hard No. 4 pencil.

This is why the U.S., unlike most other countries, to this day use numbers to grade pencils (No. 2 corresponds to an international “HB”, for instance).

Want to retain something, too? On a hardness scale from 1 to 4, archiving emails in iCloud Mail is a sure 1:

How to Archive Emails in iCloud Mail at iCloud.com

Using a Keyboard Shortcut

To move a message (or messages) to the “Archive” folder using a browser at iCloud.com using but the appropriate iCloud Mail keyboard shortcut:

  1. Make sure the message to be archived is open in the iCloud Mail reading pane or in its own window.
    • Tip: Press Enter or Return to open a message in its own window.
    • Note: To archive more than one message, highlight them all in the message list.
  2. Press Command (down arrow) on a Mac or Control (down arrow) on Windows and Linux.

Using the iCloud Mail Toolbar

To archive a message (or a bunch of them) in iCloud Mail using the iCloud Mail toolbar:

  1. Open the message you want to archive in the reading pane or in its own window.
    • Tip: Double-click an email in the message list to open it in its own iCloud Mail browser window.
    • Note: You can archive multiple messages at once; hold down the Command key (on a Mac) or the Control key (on Windows and Linux) while clicking messages in the message list to select them.
  2. Click the Move to Folder button (iCloud Mail Move to Folder Button) in the iCloud Mail toolbar.
  3. Select Archive from the list of folders.

Using Dragging and Dropping

To drag and drop messages to your archive in iCloud Mail at iCloud.com:

  1. Click on the message you want to archive using the left mouse button and keep the button pressed.
    • Tip: Click messages in the message list while holding down the Command (Mac) or Control (Windows and Linux) key to select—and move—more than one.
  2. Drag the mouse cursor to the left over the Archive folder.
    • Note: If you have hidden the list of folders, it will appear automatically as you start dragging.
  3. Release the mouse button as the Archive folder appears highlighted in blue under the cursor and message icon.
    • Note: If the folder list was hidden before dragging, it will hide again automatically.

How to Archive Emails in iCloud Mail at iCloud.com: FAQ

Where Do Emails Go If I Archive Them in iCloud Mail?

Messages archived using either of the methods above will be in the “Archive” folder. You can access this folder using iCloud Mail in a browser at iCloud.com or in any email program connecting to your iCloud Mail account using IMAP.

(How to archive emails in iCloud Mail at iCloud.com tested with a desktop browser; updated September 2018)