How to Select All on iCloud Mail Using

How to Select All on iCloud Mail Using iCloud

Want to move or delete all emails in a folder? Looking for a fast way to mark all mail? Find out here how to select all on iCloud Mail using

First, to Have a Wall and Not See It

To keep animals inside your garden or out of it, you can surround the lot with a wall, of course.

For the proper “ha-ha” moment, build the wall, though, and bury it. The ingenious ha-ha as a moat on the outside and a wall up to the ground level on the inside offers the best of both worlds: a wall that is both high enough not to be easily climbed or jumped and practically invisible.

Now, how about a ha-ha around all the emails inside iCloud Mail?

How to Select All on iCloud Mail Using

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Time needed: 1 minute.

To select all emails on an iCloud Mail folder on

  1. Open the folder in which you want to select all messages.

    Shortcut: If you see no folder list on the left, click the current folder’s name above the message list and pick from the folder list that pops up.
    Only folders: You can only select all messages in a single folder, not across folders or the whole account.

  2. Select any message.

    Alternative: You can also press Tab to switch first to the Search field, then press Tab again to switch (invisibly, though) to the message list.

  3. Now press CommandA (Mac) or CtrlA (Windows and Linux).

    Alternative without keyboard: Without using the iCloud Mail keyboard shortcut, see below for a crude alternative.

  4. Act on the selected messages.

    Move or delete: Use the toolbar to move or delete all selected messages in one go.
    Mark and junk: Use the toolbar’s flag menu to flag, mark all as read or unread and filter as spam en masse.
    Junk grayed out: iCloud Mail can train its spam filter only with messages that have been fully loaded; if not all emails in the message list on the left have been preloaded, you cannot mark them as spam. Do this in smaller batches.
    More than 10,000: iCloud Mail will only act on up to 10,000 messages at a time.

Select All on iCloud Mail Using Mouse or Trackpad

To select all emails in a folder without the keyboard shortcut above:

  1. Select the first message in the folder.
  2. Scroll down the list of messages to have iCloud Mail load more.
  3. Continue loading messages until no more new emails appear.
  4. Hold the Shift key (this, alas, is inevitable) and click the last message in the folder.
  5. Act on the selected emails as above.

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How to Select All on iCloud Mail: FAQ

Can I act on more than 10,000 emails?

To work with folders that contain more than ten thousand emails:

  • Filter or search for relevant messages.
    You can select all search results, for instance, or all filtered emails, then act on them in bulk.
  • Select in batches.
    This is the most cumbersome method, for smaller selections, see above deleting using mouse or trackpad, though.
  • Use an email program.
    Setting up an iCloud Mail account using IMAP or using Apple Mail (for Mac, iPhone and iPad) lets you select and act on all the messages in any folder. The email program then synchronizes changes with iCloud Mail at

(How to select all on iCloud Mail using tested in a desktop browser; updated August 2021)

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