How to Select All Emails on iPhone (in Apple Mail App)

How to Select All Email on an iPhone

Don’t want to act on emails one at a time? Want to move, mark or delete all emails in one go? You do not have to—and you can. Find out here how to select all emails in an iPhone Mail folder for action.

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While not to “select all” might be useful in Monopoly, in iPhone Mail, “select all” can be just the winning strategy (when it comes to utility):

How to Select All Emails on iPhone (in Apple Mail App)

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Time needed: 1 minute.

To select all emails in a folder using iPhone Mail:

  1. Open the folder in iPhone Mail.

  2. Tap Edit in the folder list above the message list.

  3. Now tap Select All.

    No Select All: If you do not see Select All, chances are a filter is active; tap the filter button in the lower left corner to turn off filtering; see below for selecting all with a filter (or search) active.
    New messages: The selection will include all visible messages; emails that are added after you tapped Select All (because messages were still loading, or a new email arrived in the meantime) will not be added to the selection automatically.
    Change selection: You can always add or exclude individual emails from the selection; see below.

  4. Act on the selected emails in bulk as desired.

    Mark as read: You can mark all emails read, for example.

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Select All Unread Emails in iPhone Mail

Selecting all unread emails is not quite so fast and easy—but possible.

To check all unread emails in a folder in iPhone Mail:

  1. Tap the filter button in iPhone Mail’s lower left corner.
  2. Now tap Filtered by:.
  3. Select Unread under Filters: but leave other criteria off.
    How filters apply: Filters under INCLUDE: and ADDRESSED: work as OR filters, and all messages that match any enabled criterion are included; Filters that have an on/off switch do exclude all messages that do not match.
    Example: With Unread, Flagged and Only from VIP selected, you will see only messages from VIP senders that are either unread or flagged or both.
    Filtering unread emails in iPhone Mail
  4. Now tap Done.
  5. Tap the topmost message with two fingers and start dragging down.
  6. Keep dragging until you are at the very bottom.
    Bottom of the screen: At the bottom fo the screen, keep the fingers on the screen; iPhone Mail will continue loading and selecting messages until it has reached the bottom of the message list.

You can also use filters to select all flagged emails or messages with attachments, of course.

How to Select All Emails on an iPhone: FAQ

Can I exclude specific messages from the selection?


To remove a message from selecting all on an iPhone:

  1. Select all emails in the folder.
  2. Now tap the checked circle in front of each message you want to exclude.

How do I undo selecting all?

With all messages selected, tap Deselect All to remove the checkmark from all emails.

You can also tap Cancel, of course, to undo selecting and return to the folder as well, of course.

(How to select all emails on an iPhone tested with iOS 14–15; updated June 2022)

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