How to Delete Multiple Emails on Kindle Fire

How to Delete Multiple Emails on Kindle Fire

So many emails, and you are tired of swiping to delete? Find out here how to delete multiple emails on Kindle Fire in a more efficient manner.

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How to Delete Multiple Emails on a Kindle Fire Device

Looking to remove an entire account? How to delete an email account from Kindle Fire Email.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

To delete more than one email at once in Kindle Fire Email:

  1. Open the Email app on Kindle Fire.

  2. Now go to the folder that contains the messages you want to delete.

    Tip: You can use Kindle Fire Email search to concentrate display; search for messages from a particular sender, for instance, to delete them in bulk.

  3. Tap and hold one of the emails to be deleted.

    Note: Tap until a checkmark appears in front of the message.
    Tip: You can also tap the circle in front of the message.

  4. Now briefly tap all emails you want to delete in bulk.

    Tip: Tap a message again to remove it from the selection.

  5. Tap the trash button.

    Tap the "Move to…" button to recover messages from the Kindle Fire Email Trash
    Hint: If you do not want to take any bulk action on the selected emails, tap the left arrow (Kindle Fire Back Button) in the top toolbar.

The messages will be moved to the account’s Kindle Fire Email Trash folder.

How to Delete Multiple Emails on Kindle Fire: FAQ

Can I quickly select all messages shown?

No, you do unfortunately have to tap emails individually.

Can I delete all emails in one go on Fire Email?

No, alas, you do have to tap individual messages in the standard Email app to delete.

Will I lose the current selection if I tap “More messages” at the bottom?

No. Your current list of selected emails will be preserved, and you can add to or subtract from it freely after loading additional emails.

I do not see the “Trash” button, or the Kindle Fire mail delete button does not work in the toolbar after selecting messages; what can I do?

With certain types of email accounts—Gmail on Kindle Fire, for instance—, bulk actions may not be possible in Kindle Fire Email. This, in turn, can disable deleting multiple emails for other email accounts as well.

To reenable bulk actions in Kindle Fire Email:

  1. Force quit Kindle Fire Email.
    Important: Do make sure to save all drafts and send all complete messages before force-quitting the app.
  2. Open Kindle Fire Email again.

(How to delete multiple emails on Kindle Fire tested with Kindle Fire OS 5.6; updated February 2023)

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