How to Delete an Email Account on Kindle Fire

How to Delete an Email Account on Kindle Fire

by | Dec 16, 2020 | Email, Useful Tech

Old emails lingering? An email account too many on your device? Find out here how to delete an email account on Kindle Fire (together with its messages).

First, Put a Nightcap on the Fire

Make sure it’s not the alcoholic kind.

The idea is to extinguish lights and fires not feed them, after all, when the bell rings. Around the time of William the Conqueror in 11th century England, houses built of timber easily caught fire, so unwatched lights at night were a constant source of danger.

The curfew bell — from the French cuevrefu (couvre feu, cover fire) — helped reduce the fire hazard and, backed with hefty fines, had everybody delete the fires.

Curfew time for an email account on your Kindle Fire? Let’s get to it:

How to Delete an Email Account on Kindle Fire

Trying to get rid of a bunch of emails? How to delete multiple emails on Kindle Fire in one one go.

Time needed: 7 minutes.

To delete an email account from your Kindle Fire device:

  1. Tap the hamburger menu button in the Kindle Fire Email app.

  2. Choose Settings from the sidebar that has appeared.

  3. Now tap the account you want to delete under Accounts.

  4. Select Delete Account from Device under Remove account at the bottom of the account settings page.

  5. Tap OK to confirm deleting the email account from your Kindle Fire device.

    Deleting data: In spite of what the confirmation message might suggest, removing an email account on Kindle Fire will not delete its data from the server or other devices — only from the device itself; see below.

How to Delete an Email Account on Kindle Fire: FAQ

Will removing an email account also delete its emails?

If you delete an email account, this will

  • delete the account information on the device and
  • delete all email messages stored on the device.

POP Email Accounts

For POP accounts, this can mean the emails are indeed deleted beyond recovery.

With POP, email program — such as Kindle Fire Email —  can delete messages from the server after downloading them. Then, an email’s only copy is possibly on the Fire device, and deleting the account will remove it.

If you set up Kindle Fire Email up to keep messages on the server, you can still download messages to other email programs.

My POP account is set up to delete email “When I delete from Inbox”; will deleting the account remove messages on the server?

No, Kindle Fire Email will not go back and delete emails from the server.

IMAP and Exchange Accounts

With Exchange and IMAP accounts (such as, typically, Gmail or iCloud Mail) Emails and folders are synchronized. If you remove an account from your Kindle Fire, emails on the server and in other email programs will not change.

(How to delete an email account tested with Fire OS 5.6; updated December 2020)

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