How to Clear Cookies from iPhone (Updated for iOS 13)

by | Nov 18, 2019 | iPhone and iPad

Fancy an attempt to speed up your iPhone? Concerned about advertisers knowing too much about your browsing habits? Find out here how to clear cookies from iPhone and iPad using iOS.

First, Sound on Film

was invented in 1934 and, alas, quickly disintegrated.

Some of Arturo Toscanini’s performances at the 1937 Salzburg Festival were recorded using the ingenious “selenophone,” for instance. Unfortunately, the nitrate film used for the recordings has an inclination to go up in smoke.

Speaking of which: care to burn some cookies—in your hand?

How to Clear Cookies from iPhone

Delete All Cookies and Data

Time needed: 2 minutes.

To clear all cookies set by web sites in Safari for iOS on iPhone and iPad:

  1. Open the Settings app on iPhone or iPad.

  2. Select Safari.

  3. Now tap Advanced at the bottom of Safari’s settings.

  4. Select Website Data under Advanced.

  5. Tap Remove All Website Data beneath the list of domains.

    Note: You can also delete individual site’s data; see below.

  6. Select Remove Now to confirm.

Delete a Site’s Cookies

To delete a specific web site’s cookie data in Safari for iOS:

  1. Open Settings from the iOS home screen.
  2. Now open the Safari category.
  3. Select Advanced.
  4. Tap Website Data.
  5. For each site whose cookies you want to delete:
    1. Type the domain name for the website over Search.
      Tip: You can type part of a domain, and the domain name need not begin with what you type.
    2. Swipe from right to left over the domain in search results.
    3. Tap Delete.

How to Clear Cookies from iPhone in Google Chrome

You can also delete cookies in Google Chrome for iOS, of course.

(How to clear cookies from iPhone tested with iOS 13; updated November 2019; title image: StockUnlimited)