How to Check iCloud Mail for New Email in a Browser

How to Check iCloud Mail for New Email in a Browser

Want to quickly read and reply to your emails, say on a friend’s laptop? Find out here how to check iCloud Mail online in a browser.

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Speaking of clouds… how about checking email in that iCloud?

How to Check iCloud Mail in a Browser

Time needed: 3 minutes.

To access your iCloud Mail messages online using just a browser:

  1. Open in a desktop browser.

    Not your computer? Open a new private browser window to log in independently from other users and have your data deleted.

  2. Log in to your iCloud account if you are prompted.

    1. Type your iCloud Mail address over Apple ID.
    (Typing less: You can enter only the username, and iCloud Mail will auto-complete
    2. Hit Enter.
    3. Enter your iCloud password over Password.
    4. Press Enter again.
    5. Complete two-step authentication if necessary.

  3. Click Mail.

    iCloud Mail online shortcut: You can open iCloud Mail directly; see below.

  4. Log out of iCloud Mail and close the private browser window if you are checking iCloud Mail on a computer other than your own.

    Here’s how: Click your name and follow the Sign Out link.

Check for New Emails in iCloud Mail

To check for new emails in iCloud Mail in a browser when the site is already open:

  • Click the refresh button on top of the Mailboxes list.
    No list and button: Click the button atop the message list to show the Mailboxes sidebar.
    No need to click: iCloud Mail will load messages in the current folder automatically; you can always refresh manually, though, and get an overview of emails arriving in other folders.
    Keyboard alternative: Press Tab until the refresh button is highlighted, the press Enter.
    Turning gray: The button will turn gray and inactive until the checking is done and you can refresh again.
    Checking iCloud Mail for new messages once it is open in a browser

How to Check iCloud Mail for New Email in a Browser: FAQ

Can I open iCloud Mail directly in a browser? What is the link?

Yes, you can go directly to iCloud Mail:

  • Open to check your iCloud emails directly.
    Logging in: You may still have to log in but will be taken to the last-opened folder.

Can I check (or bookmark) a specific iCloud Mail folder?

No, iCloud Mail will always open the folder that was open when you last closed Mail.

Can I check iCloud Mail in an older browser using simple HTML?

No, iCloud Mail only works with recent browsers.

You can always set up iCloud using IMAP in an email program, of course—or in a web-based email service that does offer a basic HTML interface, such as Gmail.

(How to check iCloud Mail online in a browser updated May 2023)

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