How to Archive Emails on iPhone

Archive an Email on iPhone

Looking for an effortless way to save emails for reference—and get them out of the way and inbox fast? Find out here how to archive a message (or multiple emails) in iPhone Mail.

First, Fall Is Snowing

As winter approaches the land, the rabbit approaches a hollow in it.

There, covered in fresh snow, it waits—kept relatively warm for a while by the snowy cover’s trapped air and avoiding needless exertion.

Now, with that in mind—want to keep an e-mail warm for a while, maybe a long while? Approach the iPhone email archive:

How to Archive Emails in iPhone Mail

In the Message List

Time needed: 1 minute

To archive an email fast in iPhone Mail:

  1. Swipe over the message to the right in the message list.

    Choose your swipe: See below for configuring swiping actions.
    Swipe over an email in iPhone Mail to bring up the archiving menu

  2. Carry on swiping until the archive folder icon moves to the right.

    Alternative: You can also swipe briefly, then tap the archive folder icon.
    Left swipe: Do this in particular if swiping to the right is set to delete (see below): swipe left briefly, then tap the archive folder icon.
    Archive in iPhone Mail with a single swipe

See them again: How to Find Archived Emails in iPhone Mail
Archived and still flagged? How to Unflag All Emails in an iPhone Mail Folder

To archive using the message menu:

  1. Swipe over the message you want to archive to the left.
  2. Tap the three dots menu icon.
  3. Select Archive Message from the menu that has appeared.

How to Mass-Archive Multiple Emails on iPhone

To move multiple emails to the archive folder fast in iPhone Mail:

  1. Select all messages you want to archive in iPhone Mail.
    Folders and search results: This works in email folders as well as search results.
    Archive them all: You can also select all messages in a folder, of course.
  2. Tap Mark in the bottom toolbar.
  3. Choose Mark as Read from the menu.
  4. Select the same messages again.
  5. Now tap Move in the toolbar.
  6. Tap the Archive folder.
    Archive multiple emails in iPhone Mail

Archive an Email that You Have Opened in iPhone Mail

To quickly archive a message you are viewing in iPhone Mail:

  1. Swipe to the right over the open message.
  2. Tap the archive folder icon that has appeared.
    Archive a message that you have opened in iPhone mail

You can also move to the archive using the trash or archive button, of course:

  • Tap the Archive button in the bottom toolbar
    Delete button: With the Delete button, tap that until a context menu appears, then choose Archive Message from that menu.
    Choose between deletion and archiving: See below for switching between a button for deletion and one dedicated to archiving.

How to Archive Emails in iPhone Mail: FAQ

What will archiving an email do in iPhone Mail?

When you archive an email, two things happen:

  • The message is marked as read.
  • The email is moved to the designated archiving folder.

How can I set up swiping right to archive?

To set up iPhone Mail so it lets you long-swipe right to archive:

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone Home screen.
  2. Go to Mail.
  3. Now open Accounts.
  4. Select the account for wich you want to set up long-swiping to archive.
  5. Go to the account’s Advanced Settings.
    iCloud Mail: Choose iCloud followed by Mail and Advanced.
    GmailYahoo Mail, and Exchange: Select Account followed by Advanced.
    IMAP: Tap Advanced right away.
  6. Select Deleted Mailbox for MOVE DISCARDED MESSAGES INTO:.
    Set up long swiping for Archiving in iPhone Mail
  7. Tap < in the upper left corner until Done appears in the upper right corner.
  8. Now tap Done.

(How to archive emails in iPhone Mail tested with iOS 15–17; first published December 2021, last updated February 2024)

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