Sent from my iPhone? You can do different: find out here how to set up your signature for iPhone email in iOS Mail.

First, Pouring Hot Coffee over Perfectly Good Cheese

The cheese in question is called leipäjuusto, dried and ready to soak up the dark brew for a rich combination of flavor and texture.

In Lapland, this coffee cheese is a kind of signature dish.

In your iPhone emails, you can have a signature, too. Best without the hot coffee poured over it; or, I gather, the juustoleipä.

How to Set Up Your Signature for iPhone Email in iOS Mail

To create an email signature that iOS Mail will append to every message (and reply) you send automatically:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Go to the Mail category.
  3. Under COMPOSING, tap Signature.
  4. Enter or edit the desired iPhone email signature in the text field.
  5. Tap ⟨ Mail.

Add Formatting to Your iPhone Email Signature

You can add some formatting to your signature’s text:

  1. Tap anywhere and select Select from the context menu to start selecting.
  2. Make sure the part of the text whose formatting you want to change is highlighted.
  3. Now tap BIU in the context menu.
  4. Select
    • Bold for bold text,
    • Italic for italicized letters and
    • Underline to underline.

(How to set up your signature for iPhone email in iOS Mail tested with iOS 12; updated November 2018)