How to Add an iPhone Email Signature Image Using iOS Mail

You can make your every email more enticing. Add an image or logo to your signature, for example. Find out here how to to add an iPhone email signature image with iOS Mail.

First, Drain Man Punches Meat

In a slaughterhouse, the drain man helps blood down the pipes and out of the slaughterhouse.

This, it turns out, is not the best spot in the house if you’re an aspiring boxer. Joe Frazier, an aspiring boxer and drain man during the early 1960s, used the wee hours of the morning to find a better one: right next to the refrigerated chunks of hanging meat, punching them.

Maybe you’ve seen this picture in a movie.

Maybe you want to add a, well, striking picture to your email signature? Punch the iPhone‘s screen a few times, and there you go:

How to Add an iPhone Email Signature Image Using iOS Mail 13

Time needed: 15 minutes.

To add an image to your iPhone email signature in iOS Mail and create a pseudo-signature that includes a graphic:

  1. Set up your signature for iPhone email without the image.

  2. Make sure the image you want to use in the signature is accessible on your iPhone.

    Tip: It can be practically anywhere: on the web, in an email, in the Photos app,…
    Important: Do make sure the image is small enough to be used in an email signature. iOS Mail will not resize the image for you.

  3. Copy the image.

    3 Ways: For this, you can
    – often tap and hold the image, then select Copy from the context menu or
    – use the sharing button, then select Copy again or
    – use Copy in the context menu that appears when you highlight the image.

  4. Start a new message in iOS Mail.

  5. Now tap where you want to insert the iPhone email signature image.

  6. Select Paste from the context menu that has appeared.

  7. Enter your own email address under To:.

  8. Now tap Send.

  9. In your iOS Mail Inbox, delete the email you just received from yourself.

Send an Email Using the iOS Email Signature with Image

Now, to start a new message using the signature including an image:

  1. Open the Sent folder in iOS Mail.
  2. Now open the message you sent yourself.
    Tip: To make the email with the signature image easy to find forever, flag it and filter the Sent folder for flagged messages.
  3. Tap the Reply button.
  4. Select Send Again from the context menu that has appeared.
  5. Compose and send the email with its image-enriched signature.
    Tip: To use the signature in a reply or when forwarding, you can keep a composition window with the signature open and copy and paste the signature (including its image) when needed.

How to Add an iPhone Email Signature Image Using iOS Mail: FAQ

Will iOS Mail send my signature image as an attachment?


iOS Mail will include the graphic with every email you send as an attachment. It is not necessary for recipients to allow downloading images, but it is all the more important that the image not be too large.

Can I add an image directly to the iOS Mail signature in the Settings app?

Not really.

You can paste any image into your signature, and it will appear there at first—possibly even in emails you compose.

For the image to be sent along with the message, you will usually have to insert it again into the message. Otherwise, a blank placeholder will appear where the signature image should be.

(How to add an iPhone email signature image using iOS Mail tested with iOS 13; updated December 2019)