How to Save Paint 3D Objects with Animation (GIF or MP4)

Save a Paint 3D Image as a GIF Animation

Want to save your objects jumping around in animated GIFs? Find out here how to save a Paint 3D object with animation as a GIF or MP4 video.

First, In a Jiffy

When Steve Wilhite was handed an award for, among other achievements, leading the creation of the GIF image format, he said not a word—understandably, when everybody expected him to say either “GIF” or “JIF.”

When Steve Wilhite was presented with the award, he showed a GIF animation instead—addressing the issue: if you want to say it like GIF’s creators, say “JIF.”

Now, instead of pronouncing the format, let’s use it:

How to Save a Paint 3D Object as an Animated GIF or MP4 Animation

Time needed: 3 minutes

To save a model or drawing as an animation using the animated GIF format in Paint 3D:

  1. Click Menu in the Paint 3D toolbar.

    Looks like this: The Menu button’s icon is Paint 3D for Windows 10 Menu icon.

  2. Select Save as from the menu.

  3. Now pick Video under Save as copy.

  4. Select GIF (video) under Save as type.
  5. MP4: You can also select MP4 (video) to save the animation to an MPEG-4 video file.

  6. Pick an animation under Animation.
  7. Hide the canvas: For animating a 3D figure, it is typically best to use a transparent background; otherwise, the canvas will show.
  8. Optionally, speed up or slow down the GIF animation under Speed multiplier.
  9. Just a bit: The slider will only let you enter whole numbers, but you can type fractions (say, 1.15) in the text field.
  10. Optionally, change from where the animation is filmed and the zoom factor using Adjust angle & framing.
  11. Now click Save.

    Save a Paint 3D Animation

  12. Choose a folder and file name for exporting the animated GIF.

  13. Check GIF (*.gif) is selected under Save as type:.
  14. Click Save again.

Saving Paint 3D files and objects: How to Save an Image in Paint 3D

How to Save a Paint 3D Object as an Animated GIF or MP4 Animation: FAQ

Can I add my own frames and animations for animated GIFs?


Paint 3D can save as animated GIF only using the animations it offers.

(How to save a Paint 3D object as a GIF animation tested with Paint 3D 6.2203; updated April 2024)

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