How to Find Out How Much Space You Have on Google Drive

How to Find the Size of Google Drive

by | Jun 18, 2022 | Useful Tech

Again out of space on Google Drive? Wondering where all the space is going? Find out here how to find out how much space you have left on Google Drive, how to identify the size of your account, and how to make room for new files.

First, a Tablespoon of Dark, Rich Soil

contains perhaps twice the earth’s human population in bacteria and other microorganisms.

Such is their astonishing size and incredible number, though it can be hard to tell and count from looking at an everyday spoon’s ful of peat.

Do you feel the same way about Google Drive? Somewhat incredibly large—and astonishingly small; just about impossible to tell from just looking at it?

Let’s find out how to tell the numbers about Google Drive with a bit more precision:

How to Find Out How Much Space You Have on Google Drive

Time needed: 3 minutes.

To find the size of your Google Drive (including how much of the space is taken up):

  1. Take a peek at the Storage information inside Google Drive.

    Desktop browser: The information appears in the left panel.
    Google Drive apps: Tap the hamburger menu button to see the online storage information.
    Note: The numbers tell you how much storage you have left, but nothing about how much storage space is used for Google Drive (Google One storage is shared between Google Drive, Gmail and Google Photos).
    Free: A free Google Drive account comes with 15 GB of storage.
    How much left: You have the total size minus what’s used left; in the example screenshot below, 4.3 GB of Google Drive storage are left for use.
    See remaining Google Drive storage size

  2. Open Storage inside Google One in a browser to see the actual size of your Google Drive.

    Google Drive size: Find the current size occupied by Drive data under Google Drive (alongside data for Gmail and Google Photos); in the example screenshot below, 0.94 GB are used by Google Drive.
    See the real size of data in Google Drive

How to Find Out How Much Space You Have in Google Drive: FAQ

How much space do you get in Google Drive?

Every Google (e.g. Gmail) account comes with 15 GB of storage.

Using Google One, this can be upgraded up to 2 TB; using Google Workspace, you an upgrade to up to 5 TB (per user) and up.

Free15 GB
Google Workspace Business Basic30 GB
Google One Basic100 GB
Google One Standard200 GB
Google Workspace Business Standard2 TB
Google One Premium2 TB
Google Workspace Business Plus5 TB

Can I dedicate Google One storage to Google Drive?


Google One storage space is always used on a come first, be served first-basis.

To make room for files on Google Drive, you can

Can I expand the my Google Drive?

Other than making room for files in Google Drive (see above), you can

  • purchase additional storage space from Google or
  • set up a separate new Gmail account.

Can I find the size for a Google Drive folder?

No, nowhere will Google Drive, alas, add up the bytes of all files in a folder (or label).

What you can do, of course, is inspect the individual documents and add their sizes manually…

What is the maximum size?

Through storage plans, you can expand Google Drive to up to 2 TB (personal) or with no limit (business).

What is the maximum file size?

Individual files on Google Drive can be up to 5 TB; find the Google Drive maximum file size for your account.

(How to find out how much space you have left in Google Drive tested in a desktop browser and the Google Drive app for iOS; updated June 2022)

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