Running out of space on Google Drive? Learn here how to find large files in Google Drive sorted by size—and get rid of the biggest wastes of space right away.

First, I Felled a Tree and Thought It Was Big

Like the axe-swinger of course, it was but laughable stock, though. A giant sequoia‘s average branch is way bigger than my entire tree.

You can find these “real” trees on the slopes of the Sierra Nevada; you can, speaking of which, also find—perhaps to fell and trash—real big metaphorical trees in Google Drive:

How to Find Large Files in Google Drive

To find the large files that take up the most space on your Google Drive sorted by size:

  1. Open Google Drive in a desktop browser.
  2. Hover the mouse cursor over the quota usage in the left navigation bar (beneath the list of folders and categories and above the option to Upgrade storage).
  3. Click Drive on the sheet that has appeared.
  4. Find the list of files sorted by size.

Now, act on the files as you desire. To free up space, for instance, hight and optionally download (via the More actions menu), then trash the biggest unneeded files.

How to Find Large Files in Google Drive: FAQ

Can I sort Google Drive by size?

No, not in general.

Other than using your Google Drive quota view, you cannot sort by size in Google Drive.

How do I view file size in Google Drive?

To see the size for each file in Google Drive:

  1. Click List view (Google Drive List View icon) if it is available.
    • Note: If list view is already active, you will see the Grid view icon (Google Drive Grid View icon) instead.
    • Keyboard shortcut: You can also press v to switch between grid and list view in Google Drive.
  2. Find the sizes for the current view’s documents and files in the File size column.

You can also see an individual file’s size:

  1. Make sure to enable the Details pane.
    • Tip: Click the View details icon ().
    • Keyboard shortcut: You can also press i to hide or show the Details page.
  2. Now make sure an item is highlighted.
  3. Find the details include the size on the Details tab.

(How to find large files on Google Drive tested with Google Drive in a desktop browser; updated April 2018; title image: StockUnlimited)