How to Find the Plus Sign on the Keyboard

Find the Plus Sign ( + ) on the Keyboard

Looking to use a computer to compute? Trying to save a character (or two) writing “and?” Learn here how to find the plus sign ( + ) on any keyboard, especially on one that’s using a language different from your own—and other plus signs such as the superscripted and circled plus ( ⁺ ).

First, You Can Improve Your Cooking Just by Waiting

The path to better cooking without effort involves two steps:

  1. Take the meat, fish, vegetables, and berries from your fridge and
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Wait a bit for the food to approximate room temperature (considering your room’s temperature, of course, the food item, and food safety; no urge growing bacteria needlessly). Steaks will cook more evenly; beating egg whites will go smoother; you will boil less likely when you mean to roast; and your cheese, olives, and strawberries will taste like never before (well, like before refrigerators).

Now, let’s add a few ingredients and steps, maybe. How about a shorthand plus sign?

How to Find the Plus Sign ( + ) on the Keyboard

Time needed: 1 minute

To enter a plus sign ( + ) using a keyboard sporting the traditional US-English layout:

  1. Position the text cursor where you want to insert the plus sign (or focus the application (a calculator, say) that should receive the +).

  2. Press Shift =.

    Where to find the equal sign: The equal sign is on the top row, just to the left of the backspace key.
    Canadian (multilingual) UK, Indian, US-International: All these variants the English-language keyboard layouts produce the plus sign in the same manner.
    Dvorak: With the Dvorak keyboard layout, the plus sign is also Shift =; the equal sign is in a different sport, however.
    Other languages: See below for finding your plus sign on keyboard using a different language layout.

Find the Plus Sign for Any Language on Windows

To find the plus sign for your keyboard (especially if it is not printed on the physical keyboard or the + key produces another character) on Windows:

  1. Open the full Windows on-screen keyboard.
    Full keyboard: Since we are looking for kays on a physical keyboard, it is best to choose the traditional on-screen keyboard: click or tap the settings gear icon, then choose Keyboard layout | Traditional.
    The on-screen keyboard itself: Using the Windows on-screen touch keyboard, you can find the plus sign under &123.
  2. Look for + on the keyboard.
    Key combinations: if the plus sign appears on top of a key, hold down Shift while pressing that key, if it is in the bottom right corner, hold down AltGr instead.

Find the Plus Symbol for Any Language on a Mac

To find the key or key combination for the plus sign on a Mac:

  1. Open the on-screen keyboard on the Mac.
  2. Look for the + sign on the on-screen keyboard.
    Shift: If + appears to the top and left of a key, hold Shift while you press that key to insert the plus sign.
    No plus sign: If you do not see the plus sign on any key, hold the Option key to reveal more options.

Use the Numeric Keypad for Plus

You can also use the numeric keyboard, of course, to enter the plus sign swiftly:

  • Look for the + key to the bottom right corner of the numeric keypad.

How to Find the Plus Sign ( + ) on the Keyboard: FAQ

Can I insert the plus sign with Unicode?


You can enter the normal as well as many variants of the plus sign using Unicode both on Windows and on a Mac using the following codepoints:

Plus signUnicode codepointCopy
Plus +U+002B
Heavy plus U+2795
Small plus U+FE62
Full width plus U+FF0B
Subscripted plus U+208A
Superscripted plus U+207A
Circled plus U+2295
Double plus U+29FA
Triple plus U+29FB

(How to find the plus sign ( + ) on the keyboard tested with macOS Sonoma 14.2, Ventura 13.3 and Windows 11 Version 22H2; first published May 2023, last updated February 2024)

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