Want to really delete your deleted emails? Find out here how to empty the Yahoo Mail “Trash” folder and permanently purge deleted messages.

First, When Seawater Soaked a Shipment of Beans,

German coffee merchant Ludwig Roselius said: “Oh, this is just perfect…”

He had been looking for a way to extract the caffeine from coffee, after all—not to use it in a pre-workout drink, but to render the coffee more palatable.

Starting with the beans drenched by the stormy seas and salty water, the story goes, proved beneficial: with the addition of benzene (which itself is carcinogenic, of course, less than palatable and no longer used), Roselius developed the first viable method to decaffeinate coffee.

Now, are you trying to get the emails out of the Yahoo Mail Trash folder? It’s time to break out the seawater—metaphorically:

How to Empty the Yahoo Mail Trash Folder

In Yahoo Mail on the desktop:

To purge all emails from your Yahoo Mail‘s Trash folder:

  1. Hover over the Trash folder with the mouse cursor.
    • Tip: If you do not see the Trash folder, click More under the folder list that contains your Inbox, Drafts and a few folders more.
  2. Click the Empty Trash folder icon (🗑) that has appeared.
  3. Now click OK under Delete all emails.
    • Note: If the Trash folder contains no emails, the dialog will not appear.

In classic Yahoo Mail on the desktop:

To delete all emails from the “Trash” folder immediately using classic Yahoo Mail:

  1. Position the mouse cursor over the Trash folder in classic Yahoo Mail.
  2. Click the Empty the Trash folder trashcan icon (🗑) that has appeared.
    • Note: The icon will not appear if the Trash folder is already empty.
  3. Click OK under Empty the Trash folder.

In Yahoo Mail mobile as well as the Yahoo Mail apps for iOS and Android:

To get rid of all deleted messages using Yahoo Mail in a mobile device’s browser or the Yahoo Mail apps for iOS and Android:

  1. Tap the trashcan icon (🗑) next to the Trash folder.
    • Tip: Tap the hamburger menu icon (Mozilla Thunderbird hamburger menu button) to reveal the list of folders if it is not visible initially.
    • Note: The trashcan icon will not appear if the Trash folder is empty.
  2. Click OK under Delete all messages or Delete all messages in Trash.

How to Empty the Yahoo Mail Trash Folder: FAQ

Will messages be removed from the “Trash” folder automatically?


Emails will only stay in the Yahoo Mail Trash folder for 7 days. After that time, they disappear even if you have not emptied the Trash.

Can emails emptied from the Yahoo Mail “Trash” be recovered?


Within 7 days, deleted emails can be restored to any Yahoo Mail folder—even the Trash by Yahoo Mail.

(How to empty the Yahoo Mail “Trash” folder tested with Yahoo Mail and classic Yahoo Mail in a desktop browser; updated December 2018)