How to Change the Default Email Font in Windows Mail

Change the Default Font in Windows 10 Mail

Tied of picking your favorite legible font every time you start a new email? Find out here how to change the default font size and typeface in Windows Mail: just once, and have it apply automatically for all future emails.

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Finally, I no longer have to watch the soap and cleaning agent take the most direct path down the drain—or, of course, the dirt. Now, everything sticks. Who knew?

While I clean the tub of cleaner stains, how about changing the font face and typeface for writing emails in Windows Mail—so your choice sticks?

How to Change the Default Font and Font Size in Windows Mail

Time needed: 5 minutes

To change the typeface and font size permanently for new emails’ formatting you write in Microsoft Mail for Windows:

  1. Click the Settings gear icon in Windows Mail sidebar.

  2. Select Default Font from the menu that has appeared.

    Select "Default Font" to change the standard Window 10 Mail font

  3. Check Apply to all accounts or choose the account for which you want to change the default font.

  4. Choose a default font and some default styles using the formatting toolbar.

    Font: Choose a typeface; you can type in the field to find fonts fast.
    Font Size: Select the font size is points from the drop-down menu or type a size directly in the field.
    Font Color: Pick a default font color from the drop-down menu; select More Colors to choose from more hues and more levels of saturation.
    B, I, U: Apply bold, italics and underline.

  5. Click Save.

    You can change the default email font for Windows Mail in its settings

Changing more fonts in Windows: How to Change the Windows 10 Interface Font

How to Change the Default Font and Font Size in Windows Mail: FAQ

Can I override the default font when I write an email?


Any formatting you add when you compose an email will, of course, apply instead of the default font and font size.

What is a good default font size to choose in Windows Mail?

For the major part of your email, you want a typeface that is easy to read on a screen using a size that is comfortable to read even at high resolution.

Safe choices for a default font and font size in Mail include

all at a size of

  • 12pt.

If you are looking for a serif typeface, try Century.

Can I change the default font for font styles other than the body?


The styles for headings, quotes and references are fixed in Windows Mail.

(How to change the default font and font size in Windows Mail tested with Mail Version 16005 on Windows 11 Version 22H2 and Windows 10 Version 20H2; updated April 2024)

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