How to Change the Font Formatting in Windows Mail

Change the Font in Windows 10 Mail

Looking for more elegance in your email than Calibri can muster? Want to make parts of your text stand out in bold or italic letter? How about highlighting key passages with a marker-like yellow background? Find out here how to change the font and its formatting in Windows Mail.

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How to Change the Font Formatting in Windows Mail

Changing fonts—not only in Mail? How to Change the Windows 10 Interface Font

Time needed: 5 minutes

To change the font (including typeface, size, and formatting) when you write an email in Mail for Windows:

  1. Highlight the text for which you want to change the font.

    No selection: Without text highlighted, the changes will apply to anything you write from now on.

  2. Go to the Format tab on the ribbon.

  3. Use the toolbar buttons to apply text formatting options and colors.

    B (Bold): Make text bold.
    I (Italic): Italicize text.
    U (Underline): Underline text.
    Highlight: Change the background color to yellow.
    Font color: Use the drop-down menu to change the font face’s color.

  4. Click Font Formatting (a downward caret next to the formatting toolbar buttons) to change the typeface, font size and more.

    Font: Use the drop-down menu to choose a font. (Finding typefaces: Type in the Font field and have Mail for Windows auto-complete typefaces.)
    Font Size: Choose a font size from the drop-down menu or type over the current size.
    Strikethrough: Draw a line through text to strike it out.
    Sub– and Superscript: Decrease font size and draw the selected text (or letter) below or above the line, respectively.

  5. Click Alignment to choose text alignment (left, center, right or justified).

  6. Use Styles for a few formatting options not otherwise possible.

    SUBTLE REFERENCE: Use small caps for selected text.
    Apply text formatting in Windows 10 Mail

How to Change the Font Formatting in Windows Mail: FAQ

How can I remove all formatting and revert text to the default font and font size?

To reset all formatting options (including those chosen using a text style) to the default values:

  1. Highlight the text for which you want to delete the formatting.
    Keyboard shortcut: Press CtrlA to highlight all text in the message body.
  2. Go to the Format tab in the ribbon.
  3. Click Font Formatting.
  4. Now choose Clear All Formatting from the drop-down menu.

Can I format text with keyboard shortcuts?

Yes, a few keyboard shortcuts let you apply text formatting in Mail for Windows quickly:

Align leftCtrlL
Align rightCtrlR
Justify all (including last line)CtrlShiftJ
Indent (except first line)CtrlT
Focus the ribbon’s Format tabAltO

Can I change the default font for Mail?

Yes, you can change the default typeface and font size (and a few other formatting choices) for new messages.

(How to change the font formatting tested with Windows Mail Version 16005; first published October 2020, last updated March 2024)

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