How to Make Text Bigger for Reading in Mail for Windows 10

by | Feb 7, 2020 | Email, Windows

Frustrated with tiny text in emails that is impossible to read? Find out here how to make text bigger for reading in Mail for Windows 10.

First, How Many Heads Does It Take

to make a person?

When sketching, one rule of thumb (and index and middle finger) is to make people around eight heads tall: a little less than four heads for the lower body, a wee more than three for the upper and one head for, well, the head.

Now, do the people and letters in your emails look like around three toenails tall?

Let’s make them bigger with, typically, your index finger alone in Mail for Windows:

How to Make Text Bigger for Reading in Mail for Windows 10

To increase the font size for reading an email in Mail for Windows 10, you have two options:

Zoom In on Any Email’s Content in Mail for Windows 10

To quickly zoom in on any message that has particularly small text or image content in Mail for Windows 10:

  1. Open the message whose text you want to enlarge for reading.
    Tip: You can open the message in the reading pane or in its own window (click Open message in a new window, Open message in a new window in Mail for Windows)
  2. Select Zoom in the Mail for Windows 10 toolbar.
    Hint: If you do not see Zoom in the toolbar, try clicking the Actions toolbar item (•••) for additional choices.
  3. Select a zooming level greater than 100% to enlarge the message’s content.
    Mail for Windows 10 keyboard shortcut: You can also press Ctrl + to increase the zoom level. (Press Ctrl - to decrease the level of zoom again.)

This will zoom in on the message laid out as is. You can use the scrollbars or mouse or trackpad scrolling to move around in the message.

How to Zoom Text in Windows and Read with a Larger Font in Mail for Windows 10

Time needed: 3 minutes.

To have Windows 10 use larger font sizes throughout without enlarging images or interface elements:

  1. Open the Windows 10 Start menu.

    Windows menu button

  2. Select Settings from the menu.

    Windows 10 keyboard shortcut: You can also press Windows I to open the Windows Settings window.
    Mail for Windows 10 Settings Gear Icon

  3. Open the Ease of Access category.

  4. Now go to Display (under Vision).

  5. Use the slider under Make text bigger to increase the size of Sample text until you can comfortably read it.

    Tip: Try 135%.

  6. Click Apply.

    Make text bigger in Windows 10

Zoom All Content in Windows and Have Emails Laid Out with a Larger Font in Mail for Windows 10

To enlarge the Windows 10 interface and have Mail lay out messages with a larger font (and larger images) so they still fit in the space allotted to them so you do not have to scroll horizontally like mad:

  1. Go to the Windows 10 start menu (Windows menu).
  2. Select Settings (Windows menu Settings) from the menu.
  3. Open the System settings category.
  4. Make sure Display is selected.
  5. Now make sure 125% or 150% is selected under Change the size of text, apps, and other items in the Scale and layout section.

The Windows 10 interface including Mail for Windows 10 and all emails in it will immediately be enlarged for easier reading.

How to Make Text Bigger for Reading in Mail for Windows 10: FAQ

Will Mail for Windows remember the zoom level?

No, you have to zoom in every time anew—or, of course, use Windows preferences to change the display font size.

Can I Enlarge the Interface Only for Mail for Windows 10?


You can change the interface size and zoom level only across all Windows 10 applications and the operating system itself. You can, however, zoom in to a message’s content right in Mail for Windows.

(How to make text bigger for reading in Mail for Windows 10 tested with Outlook Mail for Windows 10 Version 16005 under Windows 10 version 1909; updated February 2020)