You did not work on that logo (and look good in pictures) for nothing: find out here how to add an image to your Yahoo email signature and include a headshot, logo, photo or any other graphic with every email you send.

First, One Minute of Video Is Worth 1,800,000 Words; or 780,000?

Your monitor throws some 30 new pictures your way every second; a minute has 60 seconds; and each picture is worth 1,000 words, of course.

So, 1 minute of video equals 30 × 60 × 1,000 or 1,800,000 words.

No matter the logic, that seems a bit much information for an email signature. How about a mere 1,000 words and a simple image for your signature on Yahoo! Mail then?

How to Add an Image to Your Yahoo Email Signature

Time needed: 10 minutes.

To add an image to your Yahoo email signature for new messages and replies:

  1. Make sure the image has a perfect and appropriate size for email signatures.

  2. Now make sure the image is available publicly at a website or image hosting service.

  3. In a desktop browser, open the image you want to add to your Yahoo Mail signature.

  4. Copy the image in the browser.

    Tip: Typically (in Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and Firefox, for example), click on the image with the right mouse button and select Copy Image from the context menu that has appeared.
    Note: In Microsoft Edge, right-click the image and select Copy from the context menu.

  5. Open Yahoo Mail in a desktop browser.

  6. Click the Settings menu gear icon (⚙).

  7. Select More Settings.

  8. Go to the Writing email category.

  9. Position the text cursor where you want your Yahoo! Mail signature image to appear under Signature.

  10. Press Ctrl V (Windows and Linux) or Command V (Mac) to paste the image into the signature.

  11. Click Back to Inbox.

How to Add an Image to Your Yahoo Email Signature: FAQ

Does my signature image work in the basic HTML version of Yahoo! Mail?


Yahoo! Mail basic will insert a plain-text only version of your signature. Neither will it add your image, nor can you edit the signature using the basic HTML version of Yahoo! Mail to add an image to your signature.

(How to add an image to your Yahoo email signature tested with Yahoo! Mail in a desktop browser; updated October 2019; title image: StockUnlimited)