Need to reply to a specific message way up in a group chat? Want to quote in your message for clarity? Find out here how to reply in WhatsApp to a specific message (using iOS, Android, and the web).

First, Heisenbergian Uncertainty is Everywhere,

and you never know exactly where you might run into it.

Take the Ferrari 458, for example. Proudly displayed on its dashboard is either your current speed or your current position on a map—never both at the same time.

In WhatsApp, by welcome contrast, you can have others in a chat see your answer to a specific message and that very message as a quotation—at practically the same time:

How to Reply on WhatsApp to a Specific Message (iPhone and Android)

Time needed: 1 minute.

To reply to a message specifically so the individual message is quoted in your text with WhatsApp on a mobile device using iOS or Android:

  1. Open the conversation that includes the message to which you want to reply.

  2. Tap and hold the message you want to quote.

  3. Select Reply from the menu that has appeared.

    Tip: You may have to tap ··· More or the rightward-pointing triangle (▶︎) to see Reply in the menu.

  4. Write your answer beneath the quoted text.

  5. Tap the paper airplane “send” button (✈︎).

How to Send a Reply to a Specific Message (WhatsApp Web)

To quote a message and reply to it specifically in a conversation or group chat using WhatsApp Web:

  1. Position the mouse cursor over the message to which you want to reply.
  2. Click the downward-pointed caret () that has appeared inside the message.
  3. Select Reply from the menu that has appeared.
  4. Type your answer in the message field beneath the quoted text.
  5. Click the paper airplane (send) button (✈︎).

How to Reply on WhatsApp: FAQ

Can I reply to a reply?


When you respond to a message that is itself a reply, only the message you are directly answering will be quoted, not the original message.

Can I find the message to which somebody replied in WhatsApp?


To jump to the original, quoted message from a reply:

  1. Tap (in WhatsApp for iOS and Android) or click (in WhatsApp Web) the quoted part of a reply.

(How to send a WhatsApp reply tested with WhatsApp 2.18 and WhatsApp Web; updated February 2018)