Seeing something you want to remember or share? Find out here how to take a screenshot on Kindle Fire, where to find the screenshots you have taken on your device and how to send them by email, Instagram, Facebook and more.

First, Hiding in Northern Japan’s Rains

More than people’s faces under small, round umbrellas, a flower excels at this: when rain falls on them, the sankayō flower’s petals lose their pearly white color and become entirely transparent.

Before the image, story or text you are seeing on your Kindle Fire tablet, too, disappears, do take a quick screenshot:

How to Take a Screenshot on Kindle Fire

To capture in a PNG file whatever you see on the screen on a Kindle Fire device:

  1. Press the Volume Down and Power buttons together.
  2. Keep the two buttons pressed for 1 second.
    • Note: Taking a screenshot on Kindle Fire also works when the device is locked.

How to Share a Screenshot on Kindle Fire

To share a screenshot you have taken on your Fire device:

  1. Swipe down from the top for notifications.
  2. Find the screenshot in the list of notifications.
  3. Tap Share right underneath the screenshot image.
  4. Pick an app with which to send or share the screenshot under Choose Application.
  5. Compose and send your share or message.

How to Find Screenshots

To find all screenshots taken on a Kindle Fire device:

  1. Go to the device’s Home screen.
  2. Open the Docs app.
    • Tip: You can search for docs, of course.
    • Ask Alexa: You can also ask Alexa to “open the Docs app.”
  3. Go to the LOCAL STORAGE tab in the Docs app.
  4. If visible, tap the back arrow () in the top left corner until you are at the root folder.
  5. Open the Pictures folder.
  6. Now open the Screenshots folder.
  7. Find all screenshots taken.
    • Tip: Tap any screenshot’s context menu button () for easy access to deletion and sharing by email.
    • Note: Tap any screenshot to open it in a picture editing app.

How to Take a Screenshot on Kindle Fire (and Share It, Too): FAQ

Can I access screenshots via USB?

Yes, on a computer connected to the Kindle Fire device using USB (directly 0r using Android File Transfer), you can access screenshots by going to the Internal Storage/­Pictures/­Screenshots folder.

(How to take a screenshot on Kindle Fire and share it, too tested with Kindle Fire OS 5.6; updated August 2018)