How to Send a Newsletter in Gmail

How to Send a Newsletter in Gmail

Mailing a group of people repeatedly? Always wanted your own group and list? Find out here how to send a newsletter in Gmail with elegance (no revealing recipients) and efficiency (no typing addresses) using a label group.

First, After Climbing for 10 Years

It is often only after 10 year spent climbing up the local shrub or tree that the Chilean bellflower first shows its characteristic orange-yellow blooms.

Chile’s national flower stands out as the only species (Lapageria rosea) of its genus (Lapageria).

Tired of sending your findings to only one email address at a time? Exhausted by the thought climbing a metaphorical tree every time you want to send to more than one recipient?—What’s more, it’s the same group for each email!

Fret and climb not; Gmail can help you send to groups in way more efficient a manner:

How to Send a Newsletter (to a Label Group) in Gmail

Time needed: 5 minutes.

To write and send a newsletter to a Gmail mailing list in Gmail in a desktop browser:

  1. Create a newsletter in Gmail to receive your email.

  2. Start a new email in Gmail.

    Gmail keyboard shortcut: In a desktop browser, press C to start composing an email (or Shift C to start composing in a new browser window).
    Quick start: You can also set up a Gmail template for your newsletter, of course, and start with that instead of a blank email.

  3. Click Bcc.

    Note: Do leave the To field blank; Gmail will insert “undisclosed-recipients” for you in it, so the newsletter recipients do not show for anybody.
    Keyboard shortcut: Press Ctrl Shift B (Windows, Linux) or Command Shift B (Mac) to jump to the BCC field.
    Technical heads-up: For an email to be complete and follow specifications, it needs at least one recipient in the To: field. While leaving To: empty in Gmail will not cause problems for any practical matter, you can make your newsletter technically compliant and type your email address under To; see below for picking what recipients will see.
    Click "Bcc"

  4. Start typing the Google Contacts label you set up for the newsletter and pick it from auto-completions.

    Gmail does the work: Gmail will automatically replace the label with the primary email address for each contact in the Gmail newsletter label.
    Tip: After expansion, you can edit the list of email addresses in the Bcc field, of course, and add new recipients or remove addresses selectively; you can even add another Google Contacts label.
    Use auto-complete to select a Google Contacts label to send a newsletter in Gmail

  5. Compose and send your Gmail newsletter.

How to Send a Newsletter in Gmail: FAQ

Can I have something other than “undisclosed-recipients” show up in the To: address?

Yes, you can pick anything.

One easy and consistent manner is to create a contact for your To line:

  1. Open Google Contacts.
  2. Click Create contact.
  3. Follow up with Create a contact.
  4. Type the name you want to appear to recipients in the To: line using the First name and Last name fields.
    Tip: You can leave either blank.
  5. Now type your email address (optionally using + to make a Gmail alias that lets you filter easily) under Email.
  6. Click Save.

Can I schedule a newsletter in Gmail to be sent later?


Using Gmail send later, you can schedule individual emails to your list to be sent at a precise time up to 50 years in the future.

Can I send a newsletter in the Gmail app for Android or iOS?

No, alas, the Gmail apps will not let you insert recipients from Google Contacts using labels.

To send a newsletter using a mobile device, open Gmail’s desktop version in a mobile browser.

Can I send a newsletter using basic HTML Gmail?

No, Gmail simple HTML version will not expand Google Contacts labels.

(How to send a newsletter in Gmail tested in a desktop browser; updated August 2022)

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