How to Override Safe Browsing Warnings in Google Chrome

by | Jan 14, 2020 | Mac, Useful Tech, Windows

Know a page and file are safe, and Chrome still blocks access? Find out here how to override safe browsing warnings in Google Chrome.

First, the Inventor of the Four-Stroke Engine

was born the son of a “mill-doctor” in Austria’s Tyrolean Alps in 1818. Some 42 years later, he invented the four-cycle engine that still powers many a vehicle today. Why have you probably never heard of this Christian Reithmann from St. Jakob?

Reithmann received a patent for his invention in 1860, as far as one can tell the first patent of its kind. In 1884, he consequently won a patent suit against Deutz and Nikolaus Otto—a name you probably have heard.

Deutz bought out Reithmann, and the Tyrolean four-stroke engine inventor’s name was overridden by the Palatinate one; which is just as well.

Speaking of which, do you want to override something, too? You can visit pages Google Chrome deems unsafe, overriding all warnings; do be careful, though, there may be a price to pay in security or privacy.

How to Override Safe Browsing Warnings in Google Chrome

Visit an Unsafe Page

Time needed: 1 minute.

To bypass a safe browsing warning in Google Chrome and open a page deemed unsafe for phishing or malware downloads:

  1. Click Details on the warning page.

    Note: The warning page will say Deceptive site aheadThe site ahead contains malware or The site ahead contains harmful programs.

  2. Now click visit this unsafe site.

    Important: Be extra vigilant on the page that opens.Click

Google Chrome will open the page but may still block unsafe content or scripts. To display everything regardless of risk:

  1. Click the Content blocked icon (Content blocked Google Chrome) or the script blocked icon (Script blocked Google Chrome) in the address bar.
  2. Now click Load full site or Load unsafe script on the sheet that has appeared.

Download an Unsafe File

To download a file recognized as unsafe and blocked by Google Chrome:

  1. Click the menu button () in Google Chrome.
  2. Select Downloads from the menu that has appeared.
  3. Now click Recover malicious file for the blocked download.
  4. Click Hurt me plenty.
    Critical: Do this only as a last resort. Be sure to download the file to a location that is as safe as possible, a virtual machine for example and do scan it for viruses after the download.
    Important: If at all possible, try to download the file from a different, safe location or wait for the server to be repaired if it has been compromised.

Disable Safe Browsing Warnings in Google Chrome

Of course, you can also turn off safe browsing checks and warnings altogether in Google Chrome.

How to Override Safe Browsing Warnings in Google Chrome: FAQ

The safe browsing warning was an error; can I report the page as safe?

Yes, you can alert Google to a false Safe Browsing warning.

(How to Override Safe Browsing Warnings in Google Chrome tested with Google Chrome 79; updated January 2020; title image: StockUnlimited)