How to Make the Apple Symbol on Windows

by | Nov 20, 2019 | Windows

Need to use the Apple logo in a document? Find out here how to make the Apple symbol on Windows and insert it like text (even enlarge it and change its color).

First, We Would Have ‘Micrsoft’ Without It

from 1975–1987, when the former “O” in the Microsoft logo was formed by the blibbet.

The blibbet was a circle with stripes suggesting a disc (a floppy disc), motion, lightness and digitization, I guess. Think IBM, AT&T and Adidas perhaps.

When the blibbet was about to be nixed, Microsoft employees campaigned to keep it—but, alas, we cannot easily enter the blibbet in text today using Microsoft’s Windows.

We can enter the Apple logo, though, from 1976. Let’s get to it!

How to Make the Apple Symbol on Windows

Time needed: 2 minutes.

To insert the Apple logo into any text you are writing under Windows:

  1. Click the Windows button.

  2. Start typing “character map”.

  3. Open the Character Map application.

    Tip: You can also press Windows R, type “charmap” in the Run dialog and click OK.

  4. Select Baskerville Old Face under Font:.

  5. Look for and double-click the Apple symbol in the list so it appears under Characters to copy:.

    Tip: If you do not spot the Apple logo right away, you can make sure Advanced View is checked, make sure Unicode is selected under Character set: and type “F000” under Go to Unicode.Double-click the Apple symbol in the list

  6. Click Copy.

  7. Make sure Baskerville Old Face is the font selected for new text in the application where you want to insert the Apple symbol.

  8. Press Ctrl V to paste the logo.


  9. Now, you can use text formatting tools to edit the Apple symbol, of course: make it bigger or change its color, for example.

    Note: Do be careful not to change the font as the logo only works in Baskerville Old Face.

If you use the Apple logo frequently in Word, you can also set up a shortcut for inserting it swiftly.

Important: The Apple Symbol Will Not Display Right for Others

Like the Apple symbol on Apple devices, the Apple symbol on Windows is defined only for Windows; it specifically works only with the Baskerville Old Face typeface. If you include the Apple logo in any document, email or message you send to somebody else,

  • it will display fine for others using Windows with the Baskerville Old Face font installed (which it should be) but
  • people using other systems and devices—those using a Mac or iPhone, for instance, or Linux—will see either nothing, a broken symbol or something different altogether.

How to Make the Apple Symbol on Windows: FAQ

Can I have the Apple logo show on non-Windows systems?

No, there is no reliable way to insert the Apple logo with text so it displays correctly on other operating systems. To make sure it shows fine for everybody is to

  • take a screenshot and enter that image in your text.

If you are sending to somebody using an Apple product (a macOS, iOS or tvOS device), you can include the Apple logo as these systems use it:

  • Copy and paste .
    • Do keep the broken symbol intact.

You can also insert the symbol for the Apple logo as used on Apple devices directly:

  1. Make sure Alt+Numpad is enabled for Unicode text entry on Windows.
  2. Hold down the Alt key while pressing + on the numeric keypad followed by F8FF (not using the numeric keypad).

For a handy way to enter Unicode characters on Windows, try FileFormat.Info’s UnicodeInput utility.

(How to make the Apple symbol on Windows tested with Windows 10; updated November 2019; title image: StockUnlimited)