How to Make a Screenshot on an iPhone

Make a Screenshot on an iPhone

by | May 12, 2024 | iPhone and iPad

Want to save something (you almost can’t believe) you’re seeing on your phone? Find out here how to make a screenshot on an iPhone (with or without “Home” button).

First, Parisians Gather to Ignore a Funicular

When the Sacré-Cœur had been in construction for 28 years and the funicular up Montmartre in operation for two years, on Bastille Day in that summer of 1903, people started running up the 256 steps.

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Now, ready to—take the funicular straight to a screenshot on your iPhone? It’s just one step to get onboard:

How to Make a Screenshot on an iPhone

Time needed: 2 minutes

To take a (static) screenshot picture of the current screen on an iPhone or iPad:

  1. Press the volume up and the side button (on the iPhone’s opposite side) at the same time.

    No side button: On an iPhone or iPad with a Home button, press the volume up and Home buttons simultaneously.
    Which to press first: You need not press the buttons at the very same time, and you can hold either shortly (about 1 second) before to time your screenshot.

  2. Optional: Tap the iconic screenshot to edit, annotate and share the screenshot right away.

    If you do not tap: If you don’t tap the snap as you take it, the resulting image will save to the iPhone Photos app, where you can edit and share it at any time.
    Whole email: Starting with a screenshot, you can save an email as a PDF file on your iPhone.
    Share by email: You can send the image swiftly as an attachment.

How to Make a Screenshot on an iPhone: FAQ

Can I tap something (like a menu item) for a screenshot?


You can open, tap and hold menus or buttons to have them in iPhone screenshots.

Can I zoom in on part of a screenshot?


To crop and zoom an iPhone screenshot:

  1. Tap the screenshot’s icon after taking it.
  2. Use the handles on the sides and edges to crop the screenshot.
  3. Use two fingers to zoom and move the image in the cropping area.

In what format will the screenshot be saved?

iPhones save screenshots as PNG files. If you do make edits to the screenshot, they will turn into a JPEG file, though.

Where is the screenshot saved?

By default, iPhone screenshots are saved to the Photos app.

In the screenshot annotation tool, you can use the sharing menu to save them as files, of course.

Can I make a screenshot of the iPhone Lock Screen?


On the iPhone Lock Screen, screenshots work like anywhere else.

(How to make a screenshot on an iPhone tested with iOS 15–17; first published December 2023, last updated May 2024)

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