How to Insert the Square Root Sign ( √ ) in Word

How to Insert the Square Root Sign ( √ ) in Word

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Looking to include an advanced equation with a radix or simply the square root sign ( √ ) in a Word document? Find out here how to insert the square root sign as part of a mathematical formula or as a Unicode character with Word (Windows, Mac, mobile and online).

First, Cash Paying Dividends

In medieval Europe’s cities, drinking cups were popularly made of silver.

Since just about all money was also made of silver in the form of coins, those cups were money that paid dividends daily in the form of sheer utility.

Now, want to write about getting the radius of such a coin (or a cylindrical cup perhaps) with r = V π h ? Let’s use that square root symbol:

How to Insert the Square Root Sign ( √ ) in Word

Word for Windows and Word for Mac

Time needed: 2 minutes

To use the square root (or radix) sign as part of an equation or expression in Microsoft Word for Windows as well as for Mac:

  1. Position the text insertion cursor where you want to place the square root sign (or the expression).

  2. Go to the Insert tab on the ribbon.

  3. Click Equation in the Symbols section.

    Word keyboard shortcut: Press Alt = (Windows) or Control * (Mac) to start inserting an equation.

  4. Type \sqrt( over Type equation here.

    Parens: Don’t let the display of the opening parenthesis throw you; the parens will take the arguments for the radix.
    Start with \sqrt to insert the square root or radix symbol in a formula with Word

  5. Now type the degree for the radix followed by & followed by what is to appear underneath the radix symbol followed by the closing parenthesis ).

    Square root: For a square root, leave the place before & empty.
    Square root example: Type \sqrt(&a+2) for the square root of a + 2, for example.
    Cube root example: Type \sqrt(3&a+b) for the cube root of a + b.
    The syntax for roots in Word

  6. Press Space.

    Make it inline: By default, Word will insert equations as a separate, centered block; see below for making the equation appear inline.
    A cube root in Word

Insert a Square Root Equation Inline

To make the square root sign (as part of an equation in Word) appear inline with your text instead of as a separate block:

  1. Click to select the equation.
  2. Click the Equation Options bar to its right.
  3. Select Change to Inline from the menu that appears.
    Make an equation inline in Word

Insert a Square Root Symbol in Word for iOS or Android

To insert a square root or another radix into a document using the Word app for Android or iOS:

  1. Position the text cursor where you want to input the square root in editing mode.
  2. Tap the three dots menu button above the keyboard.
  3. Go to the Insert category.
  4. Select Equation from the menu that has appeared.
  5. Type \square(<degree>&<radicand>) over Type equation here.
    Syntax: Replace <degree> with the degree of the radical and <radicand> with the expression under the radical symbol; see above for more on the syntax and examples.
  6. End with Space.
    Inserting a square root in Word online

Insert a Square Root in Word Online

To insert an equation with a square root in a document using Word online:

  1. Postion the text cursor where the radix is to appear.
  2. Go to the Insert tab in the Word online ribbon.
  3. Select Equation under Symbols.
    Browser business: Note that equations may not work in some browsers or browser versions; Equation should be available in recent versions of Safari, Chrome and Chrome-based browsers (such as Microsoft Edge).
  4. Type \sqrt under Equation Tools.
    Structure: You can also select Square Root under Radical on the Structures tab under Equation Tools.
    Degrees: To insert a radix other than a square root, select Radical With Degree from Radical instead and fill in the fields.
    No ampersand: Note that the ampersand syntax you can use in Word for Mac and Windows does not work in Word online.
  5. Press Space.
  6. Type the expression that should appear under the radix.
  7. Click Insert on page.

How to Insert the Square Root Sign in Word: FAQ

Can I also insert the Unicode symbol for square root?


  • In Word for Mac and Word for Windows, you can insert the square root sign as a character (instead of as an equation) using the Symbol dialog (Advanced Symbol on the Insert tab of the ribbon).
    You can insert the square root symbol using the Word “Symbol” dialog
  • In Word for Mac and Windows, you can also set up a text replacement or a keyboard shortcut, of course, for the radix symbols.
    Word for Windows: In Word for Windows, you can also type 221A (square root), 221B (cube root) or 221C (fourth root) followed directly by Alt X to insert the respective symbols.
  • In Word Online, you can use the operating system:
    Mac: How to Insert the Square Root Symbol on a Mac
    Windows: How to Insert the Sign for Square Root on Windows

Can I copy and paste the Unicode radix symbols?


Use the table below to copy the desired symbol for use pasting into your Word document:

Square root symbol
Cube root symbol
Fourth root symbol

How can I use a square root in LaTeX?

Using the amsmath package, you can insert a square root in LaTeX with \sqrt{}.

To insert a square root symbol and other radices in LaTeX:

  • Use \sqrt[degree]{radicand}.



will result in

Radix in LaTeX.

Using additional commands, you can change the position of the index and the height of the radix symbol.

(How to insert the square root sign in Word tested with Word for Microsoft 365 on Windows, Mac, iOS and online; updated March 2024)

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