Concerned about your security and privacy online? Find out here how to make the Opera browser check page safety automatically and prevent tracking across sites to boot.

First, Birds Do It, Trees Do It

Let’s do it, let’s fall asleep.

Yes, trees do it: at night, their leaves and branches droop by a few inches or centimeters to “sleep.”

Now, in this world, who, what or which does not sleep? Opera looking for malicious pages you are about to visit, of course:

How to Have Opera Check Page Safety Automatically

To have Opera on the desktop check pages for their safety before opening them:

  1. Click Menu in Opera.
  2. Select Settings from the menu that has appeared.
    • Keyboard shortcuts: on a Mac, you can also press Command ,, and on Windows, you can press Alt P to open Opera settings.
  3. Open the Privacy & security category.
  4. Make sure Show advanced settings is checked.
  5. Now make sure Protect me from malicious sites is checked as well under Privacy.
  6. Close the Settings tab.

How to Have Opera Prevent Privacy Tracking on Websites

To have Opera also remove most scripts and web beacons (small, just about invisible images) that track you across the web:

  1. Click Menu in Opera.
  2. Chose Settings.
  3. Go to the Privacy & security category.
  4. Make sure Block ads and surf the web up to three times faster is checked.
  5. Now make sure EasyPrivacy is checked under Recommended lists.
    • Plea: Do not check EasyListEasyList removes advertising from websites whether it impinges on privacy or not, and advertising pays for the sheer existence of much content on the web.
    • Tip: Do guard your privacy with the likes of Google Ads Settings and Your Online Choices without blocking ads across the board.
    • Hint: You can check the current contents of the EasyPrivacy list at EasyList.
    • Optional and recommended: Check NoCoin to stop scripts on websites from using your computer’s resources to mine cryptocurrency in the background.
  6. Close the Settings tab.

How to Have Opera Check Page Safety Automatically: FAQ

How does the Opera browser determine unsafe sites?

Opera uses PhishTank and Google Safe Browsing.

What happens when Opera checks for a fraudulent site?

Opera checks the page’s address against its aggregation of phishing blacklists at Opera servers.

Can I still access an unsafe site in Opera?


To open a page identified as unsafe by Opera:

  1. Click Ignore this warning on the warning page.

Can I have Opera Mini check for dangerous sites?

No, unfortunately, Opera Mini for mobile devices does not currently check pages for their safety.

(How to have Opera check page safety automatically tested with Opera desktop 54; updated July 2018; title image: StockUnlimited)