How to Forward an Email Thread in Gmail

How to Forward an Email Thread in Gmail

Want to share a conversation or disparate emails that belong together? Instead of forwarding emails one by one, find out here how to forward an entire email thread (comprising multiple messages) in Gmail at once.

First, Fewer Blossoms for More Fruit

The branches that blossom most opulently on a peach tree, say, are not the ones that bear the richest fruit. These branches are all bloom and no support, after all. Most peaches form on shoots with a healthy mix of blossoms and leaves to support their growth.

Have a conversation that is all blossoms and no support? Here’s how to add some scaffolding in Gmail and have all those blossoms bear rich fruit—as forwards.

How to Forward an Email Thread in Gmail

Forward All Emails of a Gmail Conversation

To forward all messages in a conversation at once using Gmail in a desktop browser:

  1. Make sure conversation view is not turned off in Gmail.
  2. Open the conversation you want to forward in full.
  3. Click the three dots menu button (Gmail three dots menu button) in the conversation’s toolbar.
  4. Select Forward all from the menu that has appeared.
  5. Address, edit and send the message.

To forward an entire email thread in a single message using the Gmail apps for Android and iOS:

  1. Ensure conversation view is enabled for the Gmail account.
  2. Open the conversation whose emails you want to forward.
  3. Tap the three dots menu button (Gmail app three dots menu).
  4. Select Print all from the menu.
  5. Now choose Google Cloud Print.
  6. Select Save to Google Drive under Select Printer.
  7. Now tap Save.
  8. Back at the conversation, tap Forward.
  9. Tap the attachment icon (Gmail app attachment icon).
  10. Find and select the PDF document just saved to Google Drive.
  11. Edit the message’s text so it is clear the full suite of forwarded messages is in the PDF attachment.
    Example: Add “Find the complete forwarded conversation in the attached PDF.” just below the “———- Forwarded message ———” line.
  12. Address and send the forward.

Forward all, forward automatically: How to Forward Emails in Gmail Automatically

Forward Multiple Emails in Gmail (If the Messages Are Not Part of a Conversation or Thread)

in Gmail’s Desktop Browser Version

Time needed: 5 minutes

To forward multiple emails (which messages need not be in the same conversation) in one go with Gmail using a desktop browser:

  1. Save each message you want to forward as an EML file to your device.

  2. In the last email you save, click Forward in Gmail.

    How to forward: You can find the Forward button at the bottom or select the More dots menu (Gmail three dots menu button) in the email’s header area and choose Forward in the menu that appears.
    Gmail keyboard shortcut: With Gmail keyboard shortcuts enabled, you can also press F.
    Start your multiple email forward in Gmail with the last email you saved as an EML file

  3. Drag and drop the saved EML message files onto the forward you are composing in Gmail.

    Alternative: Click the Attach files icon (Gmail Attach files icon) and select the saved EML documents using the browser’s file selector.

  4. Optional: Delete the text automatically included from the last message and, possibly, mention that all forwarded emails are attached.

  5. Address, edit and deliver the message to forward multiple emails at once in Gmail.

    How to forward multiple emails at once as attachments in Gmail

On a Mobile Device

On a mobile device, to forward multiple emails in Gmail, either

How to Forward an Email Thread in Gmail: FAQ

Can I forward multiple emails in the Gmail App for Android or iOS?

No, except as part of a thread.

While you can forward entire conversations, the Gmail apps do not let you forward disparate messages in a single go. You can work around this limitation with your device’s browser (see above); do expect some work, though.

Was it possible to forward more than one email using basic HTML Gmail?

Not easily.

Simple HTML Gmail always showed individual messages, and one could only forward individual emails.

So, to forward multiple messages using Gmail’s basic HTML view, the process was:

  1. Save all messages as EML files to your computer or device.
  2. Click Forward in the last email you saved.
  3. Delete the email text automatically quoted in the forward (the message will be attached together with all other forwards in bulk).
  4. Now click Attach More Files.
  5. Use the Choose file buttons to upload all messages you saved as EML files.
  6. Click Done.
  7. Address, edit and send the message with the multiple forwarded messages attached.

(How to forward an email thread in Gmail tested with a desktop browser and the Gmail app for iOS; first published March 2019, last updated April 2024)

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