How to Find the iPhone Degree Symbol (°)

Trying to enter the degree sign on an iPhone and cannot find it? Instead of tapping every single key, look here for the shortcut to the iPhone degree symbol (°) on the iOS keyboard.

First, a German Decides to Measure Nothing below 0

Salty ice mixed with freezing water made the lowest temperature the physicist Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit could produce—and measure—in his laboratory in the 1720s.

When he concocted a scale of temperatures, he started with the boiling and freezing points of water, divided them into 180 degrees—and then nudged everything so he wouldn’t have to use negative numbers even for that icy salt water.

Now, negative numbers or not, wouldn’t it be positive to have a symbol for “degree” instead of typing the whole thing, even on an iPhone?

How to Find the iPhone Degree Symbol

To find and insert the degree symbol (°) using the iOS keyboard:

  1. Tap the 123 button (iOS Keyboard 123 button) to switch to the keyboard’s number layout.

    Note: Make sure a language keyboard is active (not, say, the emoji keyboard).

  2. Now tap and hold the 0 key until it expands.

    Hint: The degree symbol hides behind the number 0 in all languages.

  3. Still keeping the finger on the keyboard, move it slightly to the left so the degree symbol (°) is highlighted.

    Degree Symbol on iPhone Keyboard thumbnail

  4. Release the finger to insert the degree symbol.

(How to find the iPhone degree symbol on the iOS keyboard tested with iOS 11 and 13; updated November 2019)