How to Enter a Non-breaking Hyphen on Windows

Enter a Non‑Break Hyphen on Windows

Need to connect two words or numbers with a hyphen—and not have them separated again at the end of a line or page? Find out here how to enter a non-breaking hyphen on Windows.

First, a Dutch Father and a Dutch Son Press Beans

Around 1828, Caspar and Coenraad van Houten invented a hydraulic press.

If you throw roasted cocoa beans into it, the press separates the bean’s fat—the cocoa butter—from the solids. That paved the way for hot chocolate (the powder) and for chocolate bars (more cocoa butter than the beans naturally contain) as we know them.

Now, with that in mind… how about a way to write cocoa-bean without having the two words separated at a line’s or page’s end?

How to Enter a Non-breaking Hyphen on Windows

On a Mac? How to Insert the Non-breaking Hyphen ( ‑ ) on a Mac

Using Character Map (Universal and a Bit Cumbersome)

Time needed: 3 minutes

To insert a non-breaking hyphen character in any text on Windows using Character Map:

  1. Open the Character Map application.

    Here’s how: Open the Start menu and type character map, then click Character Map in search results.

  2. Select Lucida Sans Unicode under Font :.

    Other fonts: Most fonts do not include the non-breaking hyphen, but you can select any font that does, of course.

  3. Check Advanced view.

  4. Enter non-breaking hyphen under Search for :.

  5. Highlight the U+2011 Non-Breaking Hyphen character.

    Highlight the no-break hyphen in Windows Character Map

  6. Click Select under Characters to copy:.

  7. Now click Copy.

  8. Now paste the protected hyphen where you want to use it.

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Using the Office No-break Hyphen Keyboard Shortcut

You can insert non-breaking hyphens using a handy keyboard shortcut in Word and other Office or Microsoft 365 desktop applications.

Using Copy and Paste

To copy the non-breaking hyphen for posting anywhere, use the button below:

Non-break hyphen

How to Enter a Non-breaking Hyphen on Windows: FAQ

Is there a Windows Alt code for the non-breaking hyphen?


You cannot input a protected, no-break hyphen using a Windows Alt code.

Can I enter a nonbreaking hyphen using the Emoji panel or on-screen keyboard?


The emoji keyboard as well as the on-screen and touch keyboards do not include the non-breaking hyphen.

Is there an HTML entity for the no-break hyphen?

While there is no named HTML entity for the no-break hyphen, you can, of course, use a non-breaking hyphen in HTML using Unicode.

(How to enter a no-break hyphen tested with Windows 11 Version 22H2 and Windows 10; first published September 2021, last updated January 2024)

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