How to Change Your Google Name

by | Nov 1, 2019 | Useful Tech

Your name has changed or you want to go incognito on Google? Find out here how to change your Google name. It’s easy, but do pay attention to the time constraint.

First, Is It Ventral?

V is for ventral-vulture
What do you mean? Ventral…

I sure hope not.

For, like so many a medical term, “ventral” does not sound benign. Come to think of it, not even “benign” sounds benign.

Ventral, in any event, is: it means nothing but “on the front”. If you know some Spanish, think of “vientre“, the belly. Both words come from the Latin venter, -tris: belly.

Now, from naming parts of my body to naming, in a way, my body online in Google. Changing a Google Account’s name is easy and entirely benign.

How to Change Your Google Name

Time needed: 5 minutes.

To do a Google name change and update your name used across the account using a browser on either a desktop or a mobile device:

  1. Open your Google Account page.

    Tip: Using a desktop browser, you can click your avatar or image in Gmail or Google search, for example, then click Manage your Google Account.

  2. Select Personal Info on the left.

  3. Click the current name under NAME.

  4. Now click the edit button next to the current name; it shows a stylized pen ().

  5. Enter the desired name under First name and Last name.

    Note: You can leave either field blank if you like.

  6. Click DONE.

    Note: You cannot change your name on Google more often than 3 times in 1 minute. After changing your name 3 times quickly, you will have to wait for 1 minute to pass.

Is There an Exception? Will My Name Not Change Anywhere on Google?

The steps above will update the name everywhere on Google with one exception:

  • If you have changed your name on Gmail for a specific account or address, Gmail will continue using that name.
  • Even if you have not change the name, do check Gmail has switched to the new name. I have seen it stick with an old name. In that case, do change the name in Gmail manually.

(Tested with Google in a desktop browser; updated November 2019; title image: StockUnlimited)