How to Change the Language for Yahoo Mail

How to Change the Language on Yahoo Mail

Did Yahoo pick the wrong region when you set up the account, or are you learning a new language and would like an everyday chance to practice? Find out here how to change the language for Yahoo Mail.

First, They Speak French on the Left

People speak French on the left and German to your right as you float down the Sarine river through Switzerland until you come to the picturesque and hilly town of Fribourg/Freiburg, where they speak both—at the same time.

It is, to be fair, only a few who still speak le bolze, a unique language made up of French and German parts. They say you have to be fully fluent in both languages to speak that third, but fluency in both French and German is not enough to understand bolze.

In any event, you can make Yahoo Mail speak French or German but, sadly, not both at the same time; switching is easy, though:

How to Change the Language for Yahoo Mail

On the Desktop

Time needed: 3 minutes.

To change the interface language for Yahoo Mail:

  1. Click your name (or avatar) in the top Yahoo Mail navigation bar.

  2. Click Account Info on the sheet that has appeared.

  3. Open the Preferences category.

    Yahoo Mail shortcut: You can go to your Yahoo account preferences directly; do log in with your Yahoo Mail credentials if you are prompted.

  4. Choose the desired region and language under LANGUAGE.

  5. Now click Mail to return to Yahoo Mail in the new language.

In the Yahoo Mail iPhone App

To change the language for the Yahoo Mail iOS app:

  1. Open Settings on the iPhone or iPad.
  2. Now choose Yahoo Mail.
  3. Pick Language under PREFERRED LANGUAGE.
  4. Choose the desired language.
  5. Close the Settings app.

For all apps: You can also change the language for iPhone (and the default language for apps) in general, of course.

How to Change the Language on Yahoo Mail: FAQ

Will using a different language for Yahoo Mail also apply to other Yahoo services?


When you edit the interface language for Yahoo Mail, the new language will be used across Yahoo—e.g., for Yahoo Finance.

(How to edit the interface language Yahoo Mail tested in a desktop browser and the Yahoo Mail iOS app; updated August 2022)

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