Not all words in your email signature are equal? Find out here how to add formatting to your Yahoo Mail signature and make text bold or big, change fonts, add color and more.

First, Fungi—and Bright, Too!

Do you remember the joke where the mushroom’s punch line is: “Why not? I’m a fungi…”

Yes, neither do I.

Fungi, fortunately, can be brighter than me. Fomes fomentarius, in particular, helped civilize Europe’s dark woods with its light: the dried fungus is extremely easy to ignite, and its shell lets you carry the fire safely and far.

Want to add luster and shine to your signature? Let’s do so with extreme ease in Yahoo! Mail—and have your emails carry the message safely and far:

How to Add Formatting to Your Yahoo Mail Signature

Time needed: 5 minutes.

To make text bold or small, change its color or alignment and more in your Yahoo! Mail signature:

  1. Go to your Yahoo Mail signature settings in a desktop browser.

  2. Change font color, alignment, size, and more:

    1. Make sure the part of your signature you want to format is highlighted.
    2. Click the desired button in the formatting  toolbar:
    B makes text bold.
    I makes text italic.
    Text color lets you change the text and background color of the highlighted portion.
    Font lets you pick a font and change the font size.
    More options is for changing text alignment, for indenting text, and for turning highlighted parts into lists (each new line in your signature becomes a new list item).

  3. Turn any text or image into a clickable link in your Yahoo Mail signature:

    1. Highlight the text, image or email address. (Note: Yahoo Mail will automatically turn URIs (such as into clickable links (such as You can edit or remove these links like links you have added.)
    2. Click Link in the formatting toolbar.
    3. In the text field beneath the text to be linked (over the example text, type or paste the target URI or address for the link. (Tip: To have clicking create an email, enter “mailto:” followed by the email address; for an email to [email protected], for instance, type “mailto:[email protected]”.)
    4. Click Save.

Yahoo Mail Signature Formatting: FAQ

If I format text in my Yahoo Mail signature, what will it look like for people who only receive plain text?

Yahoo Mail will automatically create and produce a plain-text version of your rich-text signature. It contains all the text stripped of all the formatting (i.e., no boldface, font choices, colors or text alignment, for example).

(How to add formatting to your Yahoo Mail signature tested with Yahoo Mail in a desktop browser; updated October 2017)