Want to take a trusty song with you and play it on your Fire tablet—without stores, clouds and synchronization? Find out here how to add an mp3 file to Kindle Fire.

First, Non-Uniform Quantization

Quantum tunneling, spooky action at a distance and principled uncertainties can only mean one thing: anything goes (your way).

Let us throw off the shackles then of uniformity, and quantize in a non-uniform manner—like Karlheinz Brandenburg did during the development of the MP3 standard of encoding music. (With non-uniform quantization, the scale adapts to the amplitude and even extreme spikes will fit a scale from, say, 1 to 100.)

One new buzzword under our belts, how about getting one of those trusty old MP3 files into our hands?

How to Add an MP3 File to a Kindle Fire Tablet

To send any MP3 file to your Kindle Fire tablet, save it to the Music app and play freely:

  1. Make sure the mp3 file is available so you can download it to the Kindle Fire device.
    • Tip: You can send yourself an email with the file as an attachment, for example, or access it in the Silk browser using a file sharing service.

If you sent the MP3 as an email attachment:

  1. Open the message with the mp3 attachment in Kindle Fire Email.
  2. Tap Download beneath the desired mp3 attachment.
    • Note: Kindle Fire will start playing the mp3 automatically; maybe turn down the volume.
  3. Tap the Back button (Kindle Fire Back Button).
  4. Now tap Save beneath the mp3 attachment you just downloaded.
    • Note: This will save the mp3 file to the Music app automatically, where you can open and play it. See below.
    • Tip: You can also tap View Music beneath the mp3 attachment to open the Music app directly. (This will not take you to the saved mp3 file directly, though.)

If you download the MP3 file using Silk browser

  1. Open the page or service that lets you download the mp3 file in Silk browser.
    • Tip: You can, of course, use a different browser.
  2. Tap the mp3 file to download it.
  3. Tap OPEN once it appears at the bottom of the Silk window.
    • Tip: The OPEN link will disappear quickly. If you missed it, open the Silk browser’s download manager and tap the desired mp3 file there.
    • Note: This will open the mp3 file in the browser and start playing. Do turn the volume down maybe or be prepared to tap the pause button swiftly.
  4. Now tap the menu button (Gmail More toolbar button) with the mp3 file open in Silk.
  5. Select Open with… from the menu that has appeared.
  6. Select Music from the application menu that has appeared.
    • Note: This will open the mp3 file in the Amazon Music app and play it; the file will also be added to the device’s storage.

How to Add an MP3 File to a Kindle Fire Tablet: FAQ

Will the MP3 file be saved in the Amazon Music app on Kindle Fire?


Once the mp3 file has been opened in Amazon Music, it will be saved in local storage until you manually delete it.

Where can I find the MP3 file in Amazon Music?

To find mp3 files added to Amazon Music locally:

  1. Open Amazon Music.
  2. Go to My Music.
  3. Make sure Offline Music is selected.
    • Hint: If you see Online Music, tap that and select Offline Music under How do you wan to listen?.
  4. Find the file under SONGS.

Can I delete the MP3 file from my Kindle Fire device?

Yes, you can remove the file from both Amazon Music and, optionally, your Silk browser downloads.

To delete the mp3 file from Amazon Music:

  1. Find the mp3 file in Amazon Music. (See above.)
  2. Tap the menu button (Gmail More toolbar button) next to the file.
  3. Select Remove from Device from the menu that has appeared.
  4. Now tap YES under Remove from Device.

To delete the mp3 file from your browser downloads, you can use the Silk browser’s download manager.

(How to Add an MP3 File to a Kindle Fire Tablet tested with FireOS 5.3; updated December 2018)