Want to block a sender or search by recipient? Find out here how to find and copy email addresses on Yahoo in messages you have sent or received.

First, a Synonym for Jerk

Do you see hair or a leash, maybe a chain, when you read “yank”? Do you feel tearing and pain; the cringing exasperation perhaps of witnessing a power cord being yanked out of its socket—sideways?

All right, now imagine the cord and hair snugly staying in place while you have a duplicate in hand thanks to yanking: this is what happens when you “yank” in the ancient vi text editor—or, of course, when you copy email addresses from messages for use in blocking, new emails or filters.

Let’s get yanking in Yahoo Mail!

Find and Copy Email Addresses on Yahoo Mail

How you copy an email address from a message depends on how the message was formatted and on which address you want to copy.

Copy the Sender Address

To find, select and copy the email address of the sender (so you can block them on Yahoo, for instance) for an email you have received in or sent from Yahoo Mail using a desktop browser:

  1. Open a message from the sender whose email address you want to copy.
  2. Highlight the sender’s email address with the mouse.
    • Tip: The email address appears between angle brackets (<>) following the sender’s name (which is bolded).
    • Note: Do not highlight the brackets, only the email address.
  3. Press Command C (Mac) or Ctrl C (Windows, Linux) to copy the address.
    • Tip: In most browsers, you can also right-click on the highlighted address and select Copy from the context menu that has appeared.

To copy the sender’s email address for any email using the Yahoo Mail app:

  1. Open the email in the Yahoo! Mail app.
  2. Tap the recipient’s name or address.
  3. Note the sender’s email address appearing under the sender name.
  4. Now tap the sender’s name or email address.
  5. Tap and hold the email address you want to copy.
    1. Note: If more than one address is listed, tap the one that was listed beneath the sender’s name in the email header area.
    2. You may have to tap More details to see all addresses.
  6. Select Copy from the menu that has appeared.

Copy the Recipient Address

For the email address to which an email was sent in Yahoo Mail, you might have to dig a little deeper.

To copy an email’s sender address in Yahoo Mail using a desktop browser:

  1. Open the message in Yahoo Mail.
  2. If the email address appears under To: in the message header:
    1. Highlight the address with the mouse.
      • If a sheet pops up below the address, do your best to ignore it.
  3. If your name (or another name, such as that of a mailing list) appears under To: in the message header:
    1. Position the mouse cursor over the name.
    2. Highlight the address on your contact sheet as it appears.
      • Tip: If you have more than one address listed, do keep the mouse cursor positioned on the recipient name. The address to which the message was sent will appear as a pop-up text briefly after the contact sheet. Highlight the address that has popped up on the sheet.
  4. Press Ctrl C (on Windows or Linux) or Command C (on a Mac) to copy the highlighted address.

To copy the address of a To or Cc recipient using the Yahoo Mail app:

  1. Tap the recipient’s name or email address.
  2. Now tap the address you want to copy under to or cc.
    • Note: Do remember the address you want to copy.
  3. Tap and hold the address to be copied.
  4. Tap Copy from the context menu after it has appeared.

Want to be sure you get the right address? You can dig even deeper and copy all the desired addresses (From, To,…) from the message source.

Copy a Cc Recipient Address

To copy the address of somebody who received an email as a Cc: copy in Yahoo Mail using a desktop browser:

  1. Open the email in Yahoo Mail.
  2. Highlight the address under Cc: in the message’s header area.
    • Tip: If only a name appears under Cc:, hover with the mouse over the name and highlight the address in the contact sheet that appears.
    • If more than one address appears on the sheet, keep the mouse cursor over the name under Cc: and wait for a pop-up to tell you which email address received the Cc: copy.
  3. Press Ctrl C (Windows, Linux) or Command C (Mac) to copy the address.

For copying Cc: recipients using the Yahoo! Mail app, see above.

Can I Copy Bcc Recipient Addresses?

No. Because Bcc (blind carbon copy) addresses are not part of the email message, you cannot copy them. (You do not even see the Bcc: header line if you are a Bcc recipient yourself.)

(Copying email addresses in Yahoo Mail tested with Yahoo! Mail in a desktop browser; updated January 2019; title image: StockUnlimited)