Can an Email Address Contain (or Start with) a Number?

Can an Email Address Contain a Number?

Wondering where in an email address numbers can appear—or if they are allowed at all? Find out here whether an email address can contain, start with, and end with a number.

First, the African and the Asian Elephant

The Asian and the African elephants all have five toes.

Their toenails differ, though, in number.

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With that numbering question out of the way, how are things with numbers in email addresses?

Can an Email Address Contain a Number?


All numbers are part of the characters always permissible in email addresses.

Can an Email Address Start with a Number?


Numbers are ok to use anywhere in an email address. You can;

  • Start an address with a number,
    Example: is valid.
  • End the username part with a number.
    Example: is valid.
  • Use numbers anywhere in the username part.
    Example: is a valid email address.

Numbers can also be part of the domain name, of course. So, is a valid email address, though communicating that address can be a tad difficult.

Can an Email Address Contain a Number: FAQ

Can an address be only numbers (plus ‘@’ and dots)?


The top-level domain (e.g., com or edu) will never consist of only numbers. Consequently, it is not possible to create a valid Internet (SMTP) email address that consists of nothing but numbers (and dots as well as the @ symbol).

Can I use only numbers as my email username?


The username part of an email address can be all numbers.
Example: is a valid email address.

Can I use other numbers and numerals in an email address?

Better not.

Only the numbers that are part of ASCII (Unicode codepoints U+0030 to U+0039) are allowed in historically supported email addresses; current email standards do allow arbitrary Unicode characters.

For example, the full-width Unicode numbers (U+FF10 to U+FF19) are not allowed, and neither are roman numerals, for instance (Unicode codepoints U+2160 and following).

(Can an email addresses contain (and start with) a number updated January 2024)

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