Where Windows 10 Mail Does Store Emails

Where Windows 10 Mail Does Store Emails

by | Oct 28, 2020 | Email

Have you ever wondered where Windows 10 Mail does store emails? Want to remove all traces of an old account? Find here the folders in which you can find message text, attachments and pictures for Windows Mail.

First, Playing Ball with Chocolate Pudding Mud

Baseballs are dangerously slippery. For an easier and safer grip, every ball before every MLB game is rubbed in mud.

The special mud has been described to have “the look and feel of chocolate pudding” and comes from a mile-long strip along the Delaware River. The exact spot is, of course, a secret.

Before we ponder whether somebody has tried to replace something that is just like chocolate pudding with chocolate pudding, let’s find the exact spot where Mail keeps emails under Windows — or at least something that has the look and feel of emails:

Where Windows 10 Mail Does Store Emails

Time needed: 5 minutes.

To find the folder where Mail for Windows 10 does store emails (as well as the folders for attachments and inline images):

  1. Open Windows Explorer.

    Windows 10 keyboard shortcut: Press Windows E to open Explorer quickly.

  2. Click in the folder path in the address bar so it is highlighted.

  3. Type %LocalAppData%\Packages .

  4. Press Enter.

  5. Now navigate to microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps_[random string]\LocalState\Files\S0.

  6. Here, you will find one folder for each account.

  7. Inside each account folder, you will find up to three folders for email:

    EFMData: the email text saved as HTML data,
    Attachments: attached files in their native format and
    Photos: images from emails saved as PNG files.

Where Windows 10 Mail Stores Emails: FAQ

What format are the .DAT files in the EMFData folder?

The .dat files you find in the EMFData folder for each Windows 10 Mail account contain

  • HTML-only version of email bodies; they
  • do not include any email header information (such as the sender or recipient, except for the email subject as the document title).

How can I open the .DAT files?

You can copy the .dat files to any other location, then rename them to have an .html extension.

The HTML files will open in any browser.

(Where Windows 10 Mail does store emails tested with Windows 10 Version 20H2; updated October 2020)

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