How to Add BCC in Outlook (Hidden Recipients)

Add BCC in Outlook

Want to send a blind carbon-copy (BCC) of an email—and now you’re wondering where BCC is in Outlook? Find out here how to show the BCC field in Outlook for Windows and add hidden blind carbon copy recipients.

First, Shoveling and Driving in the Rain

Early steam locomotives—say, the beautiful and still operative Swiss SCB Ec 2/5 Genf—had no roof and housing for the driver’s cab. This was no accident or oversight.

The driver had to be exposed to sun, snow, rain, and wind (especially wind), the story goes, to stay awake. Only with increasing speed came better shielding from the elements. Drivers still had to stand, though—to stay awake, of course.

Early emails in Outlook tend to come without a BCC field. Let’s add one (and stand up maybe):

How to Show “BCC” to Outlook and Add Hidden, Blind Carbon Copy Recipients

Time needed: 2 minutes

To find where the BCC field is and add blind carbon copy recipients in Outlook for Windows:

  1. Start with a new email in Outlook.

  2. Go to the Options tab on the ribbon.

  3. Select Bcc under Show Fields.

    No Show Fields: Tap or click the More commands three dots menu button in the ribbon.
    Select "Bcc" under "Show Fields" in Outlook

  4. Enter BCC recipients in the Bcc field.

    Distribution list: How to Send a Group Email in Outlook for Windows

On a Mac? How to Add Bcc in Outlook for Mac

How to Show the “Bcc” Field in New Outlook for Windows

To get the Bcc field in new Outlook for Windows:

  1. Start a new message in new Outlook.
  2. Go to the Options tab in the ribbon.
  3. Check Show Bcc.
    Add the BCC field in New Outlook for Windows

How to Add a BCC Recipient in Outlook without Showing the “Bcc” Field First

If you send a BCC copy to somebody already in your contacts, for instance, adding them to the message is easy using an alternative method:

  1. Start with an email in Outlook.
  2. Click or tap the To or Cc fields.
    Outlook BCC keyboard shortcut: press Alt T (for To) or Alt C (for Cc) to bring up the following dialog.
  3. Type the recipient’s name or address under Bcc in the Select Name: Contacts dialog.
    Select from your contacts: Highlight an entry and click Bcc to quickly add a contact.
    Addiing a BCC recipient in Outlook for Windows without showing “Bcc” first

How to Show “BCC” to Outlook and Add Hidden, Blind Carbon Copy Recipients: FAQ

Where are BCC recipients in sent messages?

To find the blind carbon copy recipients for an email you have sent in Outlook for Windows:

  1. Open the sent message in Outlook.
  2. Find the BCC (blind carbon copy) recipients are listed in the header section under Bcc.
    Only for you: Note that only you can see the recipients from the Bcc field; all recipients can only see the To: and Cc: fields.

How do I BCC myself?

To copy yourself using blind carbon copy on an email you send from Outlook (at another email address perhaps):

  1. Show the BCC field in the email you are composing.
    Alternative: Press Alt C.
  2. Type your email address under Bcc.
    In the Select Names: Contacts dialog: Click OK.

Can I BCC myself automatically in Outlook?

You can copy yourself (or any address, of course) automatically using an Outlook add-on or VBA.

Tool for automatic BCC (some using flexible rules and conditions) include:

Even with complicated rules, bcc’ing yourself automatically is extremely tricky and neigh impossible in Outlook for Windows itself.

If I hide the “Bcc” field with recipients in it, will the recipients disappear?


If you have entered recipients in the Bcc field for an email and then hide Bcc, the email addresses will still receive BCC copies of the email.

(How to show BCC and add BCC recipients tested with Outlook for Windows for Microsoft 365 Version 2212–2401 and new Outlook for Windows; first published June 2021, last updated January 2024)

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