The 12 Best Time Zone Converter Sites and Apps 2024

The Best Free Sites to Convert Time Zones

by | Jun 3, 2024 | Useful Tech

Need to call across time zones? See and hear happy faces: world time calculators help you pick the perfect time. Find the best time zone converter sites and apps reviewed here.

First, If Airlines Get It Wrong, What Can  I  Do?

Time-changing owl

I changed a flight itinerary recently. My new plan—the plan according to the airline’s website mind you—was to leave Minneapolis at 7:50 pm on Sunday, August 6 to arrive in Paris at 11:15 am on Monday, August 7. So far, so good. Around eight and a half hours of flight plus seven hours of time difference.

Then, I would spend 25 hours and 10 minutes waiting in Paris, though, to catch the 12:25 pm flight on Sunday, August 7 (sic!) so I could be in Vienna at 2:15 pm on Monday, August 7.

Ah, time zones… If major airlines get them wrong, what can you do?

Use world time converters and calculate differences between times with ease, of course. I picked the best for you. Let’s go!

The 12 Best Time Zone Converters Reviewed

1. World Time Buddy – Best Time Zone Converter

1. World Time Buddy - Best Time Zone Converter

The present, the past and the future for all the world coming together on one page. How’s that for world time, buddy?

World Time Buddy packs a lot of information in little space. All is useful, and the page does not feel crammed. It is fantastic.

Make World Time Buddy your first stop for time zone calculations, and chances are you will need no other world time converters. On a single table, you get to see the current time at all your locations, office hours, the date, time zone names, time differences, whether locals use 24 hours or AM/PM and your Google calendar.

Selecting a time range instantly creates an event, which you can export to Google Calendar, Outlook and Apple Calendar or emails in Gmail. You can also set up a World Time Buddy page for the event, which will automatically display the time of the viewer—perfect to share with additional attendees.

Search for locations and time zones works just as you would expect, and you can sort your table quickly by time zone offset or manually. Speaking of manually, World Time Buddy lets you rename locations and will remember your choices.

While world Time Buddy offers to group locations, it’d be good if it could save multiple setups—and learn about local holidays. Either way, World Time Buddy is the best time zone converter on the net.

World Time Buddy works in desktop browsers and offers apps both for iOS and for Android.

World Time Buddy Pros
  • Can display events from Google Calendar
  • Lets you set up and export events very easily (iCal, Google, Calendar, email)
  • Can display time as 24 hours or AM/PM depending on location
World Time Buddy Cons
  • Does not take holidays into account

2. Time Zone Converter – Best Time Zone Converter Alternative Time Zone Converter 2022-08-26

Time is not what the clock says; it is what the world does—or, of course, what it does not do at any moment.

This is why world clock converter is so useful. It does not blindly assume working hours are from 9 to 5 (except for Sundays maybe); it takes into account local holidays.

So, if you get the green light from for a conference call uniting Tokyo, Abidjan, and Paris, you can schedule it with the confidence that banks will be open for business. To share the time, you get plain text as well as iCal files, or you can link to the very page you see on

On that page, you can change the time rapidly with a handy slider. Picking a different date requires a bit more effort. Other than that, everything is arranged thoughtfully and practically: you can add as many locations as you like (searching for time zones as well as places), sort them intelligently, and see details such as time differences and time zone abbreviations.

A nice addition would be visualization, perhaps, of those locations on a map. Picking places from a map would be helpful, too, as would be ways to save configurations and places. does remember your last session’s locations and options, though.

Overall, holiday awareness makes time zone calculator an incredibly useful tool among world time converters. works in desktop and mobile browsers; a meeting planner across time zones is available for iOS and Android. Pros
  • Knows about and shows local holidays and business hours
  • Great search engine for locations
  • Can export data as plain text or to calendars (iCal) Cons
  • Does not visualize results on a map
  • Cannot pick locations from a map

3. The Time Zone Converter – Particularly Simple Time Zone Converter

3. The Time Zone Converter - Particularly Simple Time Zone Converter

When you want to know the time at another place fast, The Time Zone Converter is an excellent place to find out.

The Time Zone Converter lets you enter time by just typing it, then enter the target location—by just typing it. That is it: without hesitation, page load, waiting or interstitials, The Time Zone Converter shows you the time at that other location, indicating if the date is different.

This perfect simplicity is, at the same time, the site’s weakness, depending on your current needs: The Time Zone Converter will always only show two locations, you cannot save them or pick from a map, results cannot be exported, and The Time Zone Converter does not help much with scheduling meetings—other than showing the time at another place as fast as you can type.

The Time Zone Converter works in desktop and mobile browsers.

The Time Zone Converter Pros
  • Sparse and highly functional interface
The Time Zone Converter Cons
  • Converts only between two places
  • Seems agnostic of dates

4. Time Toolbox Time Toolbox

We all want to see green, happy faces for conference calls, do we not?

With, your chances for the happy faces increase across time zones. Its Plan tab shows you the local day with clear green, yellow and red labels for picking times compatible with office (or at least working) hours. Unfortunately, does not take weekends or holidays into consideration.

In addition to the meeting time planner, you get the option to see all local times as pretty wall clocks and, of course, a basic time zone converter. Here, you get to pick as many locations as necessary with fantastic location search (with does not include time zone names and abbreviations, though). Picking dates is easy with a calendar, and changing the time is even easier with a slider. The faces return as subtle, colored underlines to indicate compatible times. Saving locations or just re-arranging them is, alas, not possible. also offers a conversion table to keep for reference. Neither the table nor any meeting times you have set up can easily be exported, though. This is really unfortunate on so useful a site. works in desktop and mobile browsers. Time Toolbox Pros
  • Can display times as a list, conversion table, clocks, or on a map
  • Easy to enter and change times and dates
  • Great for seeing and picking suitable times for meetings Time Toolbox Cons
  • Cannot export time directly for email or calendar use
  • Doesn’t take into account local holidays for meeting time calculator
  • Cannot search for time zones and time zone abbreviations

5. Time Here & There Time Here&There Time Zone Converter

If you have a place, has the time zone and current time for it.

If you have two places, time here&there has their time zones and difference, a graphical display and a table of times to boot.

Throw more places at, and it dutifully adds them to the display and table. To share the table and display and times, you just send the page. If you wish, setting up an event with a title, all relevant times and countdown timer, is just as easy and thoroughly useful.

As pleasing as’s horizontal bars are to look at, it would be swell if they were related to absolute time—and possibly waking or working hours—for easy reference. Speaking of working and waking,, alas, does not include holidays in its time picker, time zone converter or calendar.

Either way, anybody will be happy to receive an event suggestion with’s glorious display. works in desktop and mobile browsers. Time Here&There Pros
  • Supremely clean and functional layout
  • Lets you set up a share events with countdown timers in a few clicks and keypresses
  • Compares a dozen locations and time zones and more Time Here&There Cons
  • Does not include holidays or working hours
  • Visual display lacks an absolute reference

6. Savvy Time Zone Converter

Savvy Time Zone Converter

Tables: who knew they could be so useful with numbers?

Seeing a day’s hours for different locations side by side is most efficient a manner of checking time differences and finding a time that works for everybody.

The tabular overview is Savvy Time Converter‘s best part, but it is not all, of course: You also get to see a specific date and time converted and, maybe a bit superfluously, lots of time zone minutia for each location.

Speaking of those places, Savvy Time Converter returns countries, cities, and time zones quickly with a preview of the current time.

Unfortunately, other than sharing a link to the page you see at Savvy Time, there is no straightforward way to export data—not even the handy tables. Sorting locations is not possible, and the date can only be picked using a calendar.

Savvy Time Converter works in desktop and mobile browsers.

Savvy Time Converter Pros
  • Includes descriptions and extent (including maps) of time zones
  • A table view offers a quick overview of time at multiple places (including waking and working hours)
  • Lets you search by country, town, and time zone
Savvy Time Converter Cons
  • No way to export results
  • Does not offer to manually sort or remember places
  • No easy and intuitive way to change time and date

7. Every Time Zone

Every Time Zone

The good thing? You do not have to enter anything. The bad thing? You cannot enter anything.

Every Time Zone does not display every time zone; it does give a crisp overview of times around the world, however. You get a solid idea quickly—if you know which time zone you need. Each is represented by its code and one city; without recognizing either, you are out of luck.

For a swift glance, Every Time Zone may still be all you need—and you do not have to enter anything!

Every Time Zone works in desktop and mobile browsers.

Every Time Zone Pros
  • Great visual overview of time around the globe
Every Time Zone Cons
  • Cannot search for locations
  • Only the current day plus and minus one day is accessible
  • You cannot export results easily

8. FUZO Time Zone Converter

FUZO Time Zone Converter

If the world was flat, it would not be quite so easy to spin it.

The world inside the FUZO Time Zone Converter is as flat as a screen and, well, it is not quite so easy to spin it. But spin it you must!

To learn the time zone difference between two points on the earth, you pick them from a big spinning globe at FUZO Time Zone Converter. To see the local times converted, you slide up and down (or northwards and to the south) on the globe. Both are quite entertaining and reasonably quick, but not entirely practical or always precise enough.

What’s more, FUZO lacks search. If you do not know where your two locations are found on a globe, you will not be able to convert between their time zones, spin the globe as you might.

FUZO Time Zone Converter Pros
  • Great visual way to see time zone differences
FUZO Time Zone Converter Cons
  • No location search engine
  • Cannot enter time precisely
  • Unaware of dates, holidays, or daylight saving time

9. – Time Zones Dashboard

Fancy a dashboard?

With, you get one for all your locations and their respective time and date. Adding a new place is as easy as clicking or tapping + and searching the comprehensive list.

You can rearrange locations by dragging and dropping, just as you’d expect, and to see a different time, drag the time’s line across the timeline. To change the date… add locations just west and east of the dateline, then continuously finagle into a different day with the two, of course.

So, while gives you a dashboard that’s full of both beauty and utility, the latter has its limits: changing the date is hard, holidays do not feature, and rough indications about day- and nighttime would be welcome. What’s more, while will save your locations locally, there’s no easy way to share them with other devices—or people. Pros
  • See time zone differences beautifully displayed
  • Swift overview for multiple locations Cons
  • No (easy) way to change the date
  • Does not display or take into account holidays, sunrise and sunset
  • No easy way to share a list or time

10. The Time Now Time Zone Converter

The Time Now Time Zone Converter

Now is the time—and, together with a search field, all you start with in this simple time zone conversion page.

Said search lets you quickly pick and add locations or time zones, and The Time Now hands you back the current time across the board (and lets you know the time zone’s abbreviations to boot).

Of course, you can go on to select a different date or time. The Time Now’s Time Zone Converter is no help beyond that picking suitable times, though: neither does it know about week- or holidays nor will it color-code typical working times.

Unfortunately, there’s also no way to easily export what you have found—other than taking a screenshot perhaps. Now’s also the time to do that, because this time zone converter will not, alas, let you save settings or your selection of cities.

The Time Now Time Zone Converter Pros
  • Swift way to pick time zones or cities
  • Takes daylight saving time into account
The Time Now Time Zone Converter Cons
  • Location search could be more encompassing
  • No visual indicators for day of week, holidays or nighttime
  • Cannot easily share or save locations and settings

11. Time Zone Converter

Time Zone Converter

If you like to look at long lists of time zones sorted by continent and city (with a few time zone codes thrown in), then Time Zone Converter is a handy tool. Pick a date and time, two time zones to convert between, and you get the result.

That’s it. Unfortunately, this clear focus does not mean the result of your conversion is immediately obvious on Time Zone Converter; it means you will not get a calendar, though, hints of working hours and holidays or the option to see more than two locations.

Time Zone Converter works in desktop and mobile browsers.

Time Zone Converter Pros
  • Converts reliably between time zones
Time Zone Converter Cons
  • Not so practical if you do not know the time zones in question
  • No way to export
  • No indication of office hours

12. Bonus World Time Converters: Google, Bing, Ecosia,… and Wolfram|Alpha

WolframAlpha time zone information

For an extra fast way to see the current time at another place or get time differences, you can also ask a search engine. Google serves as a handy time zones converter.

Wolfram|Alpha is just as useful:

  • time <Location>: returns the current time as well as the difference to your time zone.
    Example: time Tokyo.
  • time zone <Location 1>, <Location 2>, <Location 3>,…: shows the current time, time zone and time offset for all the locations.
    Exampletime zone Tokyo, Boston, Paris.

Wolfram|Alpha works in desktop and mobile browsers; it is also available as an app both for iOS and for Android (including Amazon Apps).

Less ambitious and converting, your favorite search engine other than Google might still pitch in. DuckDuckGo, Bing, Brave and Ecosia, for instance, all show you the time at a place with:

  • <location> time: the current time at the location.

LLM chatbots like Bing, ChatGPT and Perplexity AI will readily answer questions about time zones, too:

  • What is the time difference between <location> and <location>?
  • What is the current time in <location>?
  • If it is 7 in the evening in <location>, what is the time in <location>?

Remember that large language models cannot count or do math well. With a prompt like “Explain your reasoning for the computation and list the individual steps.” you can at least get an idea about the conversion, and errors become more obvious.

Use DNS as a Time Zone Converter

Using, you can also use DNS queries to convert time between two locations using the .time query:

  • Use dig YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM-ORIGIN-DESTINATION.time on the command line or using any online DNS tool.
    Locations: Replace ORIGIN and DESTINATION with city names (leaving out any whitespace); you can append /2-LETTER COUNTRY CODE to disambiguate.
    Example: dig 2024-01-08T14:10-vienna/at-newyork.time converts 2:10 pm on January 8, 2024, from Vienna to New York.

(Best time zone converter sites and apps first published October 2017, last updated June 2024)

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