How to View Saved Passwords in Google Chrome

View Saved Passwords in Chrome

by | Apr 24, 2024 | Useful Tech

Need a password in a browser or app other than Chrome? Looking to update a user name or delete a saved password? Find out here how to view saved passwords in Google Chrome (and ho to edit or remove them to boot).

First, Anulus Mirabilis

Annulus is just another word for something left to hide.

More precisely, an annulus is anything with a doughnut shape (from Latin anulus, ring). When the moon is far from the earth, for instance, and in front of the sun, it does not cover the whole star. What sunlight is left appears like a doughnut in an annular eclipse.

Now, want to peek at passwords in Chrome, not just enter them? Uncovering the key… ring is easy:

How to View Saved Passwords in Google Chrome

Time needed: 3 minutes

To view (and copy) passwords you have saved in Google Chrome:

  1. Select the three dots (Customize and control Google Chrome) menu (⋮︎) in Chrome.

  2. Select Google Password Manager from the menu that has appeared.

    No “Google Password Manager”: If you do not see Google Password Manager in the menu, select Passwords and autofill | Google Password Manager instead.
    Chrome shortcut: You can open chrome://password-manager in Chrome to go to password manager.

  3. Click any domain to see user names and passwords saved for it in Chrome.

    Search: Click the Search passwords field, of course, and type a domain name or user name to focus on either.
    Finding passwords: Note that you cannot search for passwords by typing the passwords themselves under Search passwords; you can find duplicated and reused passwords under Checkup.
    Authentication: Use your Windows or macOS password or passkey if you are prompted to reveal passwords.

  4. Now click Show password (👁︎) in the Password field to reveal the password.

    Copying: Click the copy button to copy the password in plain text; do copy something else after pasting the password to keep the password safe.
    You can view saved passwords in Google Chrome

Maybe the password’s in Firefox? How to View Saved Passwords in Firefox

Edit or Delete a Password in Chrome

To remove or change a password saved to Google Chrome:

  1. Go to the password in Google Password Manager (see above).
  2. To remove a password, click Delete.
    Undo: The Chrome password manager will remove the account data immediately; if you deleted by mistake, click Undo immediately.
  3. To change a user name or password, click Edit, make changes under the Username and Password fields, then click Save.

How to View Saved Passwords in Google Chrome: FAQ

Can I see a password as it is entered in a log-in form by Chrome?


To see the saved password entered for you in a website’s log-in form with Google Chrome:

  • Click the eye symbol (👁️) next to the password.
    Copy: You can now also select and copy the saved password.

If I have synchronization enabled for Google Chrome passwords, will deletions and changes be synced?


Any changes you make to passwords in Google Password Manager (such as adding, deleting or editing a password) will be synchronized to other Chrome installations that sync with the account.

I don’t see “Checkup” in Google Password Manager to look for reused passwords; where is it?

If the Google Password Manager navigation bar does not show on the left, you can start password checkup by opening chrome://password-manager/checkup in Google Chrome.

(How to view saved passwords tested with Google Chrome 119–124; first published November 2023, last updated April 2024)

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