How to Reduce Picture File Size in Outlook

by | Dec 30, 2019 | Email

Sending photos by email using Outlook? Find out here how to reduce picture file size in Outlook and optimize your messages for size and deliverability.

First, St. Augustine Talks about Sweat

In the 24th chapter of the second book of his seminal City of God, Augustine of Hippo gets a chance to incorporate what he himself has seen man do into a theological argument. To wit:

I myself have known a man who was accustomed to sweat whenever he wished.

St. Augustine

Let me set aside the theological intricacies of a human body after Eve and Adam for now. Squeezing saltful water out of forehead and armpits at will! What can be better?

Squeezing wasteful size out of images at will right in Outlook perhaps?

How to Reduce Picture File Size in Outlook

Time needed: 3 minutes.

To compress an image in Outlook and optimize it for sending through email (to some extent):

  1. While composing an email in Outlook, highlight an image to compress in the email’s content.

    Tip: Highlight any image to compress all images in the message.

  2. Go to the Picture Tools | Format tab on the ribbon.

  3. Click Compress Pictures in the Adjust section of the Format ribbon.

    Tip: In the simplified ribbon, click More commands to get to Compress Pictures if it is not initially available (which usually it is not).

  4. Typically, choose E-mail (96 ppi) under Resolution:.

    Note: This option will reduce the size of the image (or images) in the email while compromising quality to some degree

  5. To compress all images in the message in one go, uncheck Apply only to this picture under Compression options:.

    Tip: You can compress select images individually (for higher quality, for example), of course.

  6. Click OK.

    Typically, choose

How to Reduce Picture File Size in Outlook Signatures

To compress an image that you have added to an Outlook email signature:

  1. Open the Outlook signature editor via File | Options… | Mail | Signatures….
  2. Make sure to highlight the signature that contains the image you want to compress under Select signature to edit.
  3. Click the image to optimize with the right mouse button.
  4. Select Picture… from the context menu that has shown.
  5. Make sure you are on the Format Picture window’s Picture tab.
  6. Click Compress….
  7. Make sure Web/Screen is the choice under Change resolution.
  8. Now make sure Compress pictures is checked as well.
  9. Click OK.

How to Reduce Picture File Size in Outlook: FAQ

How much compression can I expect?

Do to expect much compression from Outlook’s image optimization tool.

For a typical photo taken with a smartphone, you can see images compressed by around 75% through the reduction in resolution. For images that are already optimized for display on the web or email, expect much less or no compression.

Still, compressing images in Outlook can serve as a quick way to avoid the most egregious excesses of modern digital images in email.

(How to reduce picture file size in Outlook tested with Outlook 2016; updated December 2019; title image: StockUnlimited)