Copy and Paste These Gmail POP3 Settings to Access Your Email

by | Apr 12, 2019 | Gmail

Want do download emails to an email program? Find here the Gmail POP3 settings to use for setting up POP access.

First, It’s Not Exclusively for Nobel Laureates Anymore

When physicist and Nobel laureate Niels Bohr was invited to make himself at home in the Carlsberg Honorary Residence for life, he gained access to not only a luxurious villa and lush gardens but also a luscious tap in the wall directly connected to the Carlsberg brewery serving beer.

Now, of course, it is some 2,000 apartments in Copenhagen that come with an equally direct line to the brewery. So, beer springing from the wall is not for Nobel laureates alone any more; and emails sputtering from Gmail is not exclusively for browsers.

You can get a direct line from Gmail to your favored email program via POP:

Copy and Paste These Gmail POP3 Settings to Access Your Email

To set up Gmail in an email program or service for downloading messages via the Post Office Protocol, use these POP3 settings:

POP3 port995
Require TLS/SSL securityyes
User nameYour full Gmail address (e.g., [email protected])
PasswordYour Gmail password or an app password (with 2-step authentication enabled)

Do make sure POP access is enabled in Gmail so your email program can download emails through POP3 with these settings.

Gmail POP3 Settings: FAQ

Can I connect to Gmail POP using a different port such as “110”?


Gmail requires a TLS/SSL connection to port 995. Trying to connect to the standard unencrypted POP port 110 will not work, even if the email program supports STARTTLS to add encryption to the connection.

Gmail POP3 Settings Explained

When messages are accessed with POP

Choose what happens to messages in your Gmail account after an email program has downloaded them using POP3:

  • delete Gmail’s copy: after a message has been downloaded through POP once, it will be moved to the Gmail Trash folder. While you can recover the a message from the Trash, it will not automatically download in other email programs unless you re-enable POP access.
  • archive Gmail’s copy: after an email has been downloaded once via POP, Gmail will automatically archive it. It is not available for other email programs connecting through POP3.
  • mark Gmail’s copy as read: after it has been downloaded by the first email program, an email will be marked read in your Gmail inbox online. It will be in the Gmail inbox, but other email programs connecting through POP will not download it.
  • keep Gmail’s copy in the Inbox: each email program connected to your account through the Gmail POP3 settings above will download the message once, and it will stay in the Gmail inbox on the web until you remove it.


Choose how much mail will be offered to new email programs connecting via POP:

  • Enable POP for all mail: Gmail will offer all emails for download through POP; this includes emails in your Gmail inbox and your All Mail archive.
    • Gmail makes emails available in batches of around 300 messages at a time. Your email program will start downloading the oldest messages.
  • Enable POP for mail that arrives from now on: Only new emails will be available for download through POP.
  • Disable POP: Turns off Gmail POP3 access altogether.

Gmail POP3 Settings Troubleshooting

Incorrect Password

If your email program returns a password error, even though all POP settings (including the Gmail password) are correct, do try enabling less secure apps Gmail access.

Mail Not Available for Download

If an email program stubbornly refuses to download mail even with the correct Gmail POP3 Settings, do the following:

  1. Precede your full Gmail address in the POP user name with recent:.

This overrides the Gmail POP settings discussed above. With “recent:” in the user name, Gmail will always offer all emails received during the last 30 days and not yet downloaded by the same email program.

Messages will remain unread in the Gmail inbox after download and be available for other email programs to download, no matter the settings under When messages are accessed with POP.

(Use these Gmail POP3 settings to access your email tested in many email programs; updated January 2019)