Let’s try this email thing a little faster. Find here all the GoDaddy Workspace Webmail keyboard shortcuts that let you perform oft-used functions with lightning speed.

First, This Predicts Success in Any Area

In the 1930s, Johnson O’Connor gathered a cornucopia of data to find out which characteristics and abilities would be most useful in the various occupations—from carpenter to lawyer. Famously, he found there was one thing that predicted success in any area better than anything else: a person’s range of vocabulary.

So, there you go: if you want success, read to pick up words.

If you want success with using GoDaddy Workspace Webmail faster, read on to pick up the following… “words:”

All GoDaddy Workspace Webmail Keyboard Shortcuts in One Place

To use GoDaddy Workspace Webmail Classic swiftly using just the keyboard:

  1. Make sure keyboard shortcuts are enabled. (See below.)
  2. Use the following shortcuts depending on where in GoDaddy Workspace Webmail classic you are:

GoDaddy Webmail Keyboard Shortcuts in the Message List

Action Mac Windows, Linux
Highlight the next message (down arrow), J (down arrow), J
Highlight the previous message (up arrow), K (up arrow), K
Highlight the current and the next message Shift (down arrow), Shift J Shift (down arrow), Shift J
Highlight the current and the previous message Shift (up arrow), Shift K Shift (up arrow), Shift K
Select all messages in the current folder Command A Control A
Select no message in the current folder Esc Esc
Open basic email search S S
Delete all highlighted messages Del Backspace
Open the currently highlighted message in its own view Enter Return
Mark all selected messages as unread Shift U Shift U
Mark all highlighted messages as read Shift R Shift R
Flag all highlighted messages G G
Unflag all highlighted messages Shift G Shift G
Show or hide the reading pane ~ (tilde) ~ (tilde)
Write a new email message C C

While Reading a Message (in the Reading Pane or Its Own View)

Action Mac Windows, Linux
Reply to the sender R R
Reply to all A A
Forward F F
Return to the message list L L
Mark the current message unread and return to the message list Shift U Shift U
Scroll to the next page of the current message’s text Space Space
Scroll to the previous page of the current message’s text Shift Space Shift Space
Flag the current messages G G
Unflag the current messages Shift G Shift G
Delete the current messages and return to the message list Del Backspace
Print the current message P P
Write a new email message C C

GoDaddy Webmail Keyboard Shortcuts While Writing a Message

Action Mac Windows, Linux
Send the message Command Enter Control Return
Save the message as a draft Command S Control S
Save the message as a template Command Shift M Control Shift M
Undo editing/td> Command Z Control Z
Make text bold Command B Control B
Italicize text Command I Control I
Underline text Command U Control U
Insert or edit a link Command K Control K

How to Enable GoDaddy Workspace Webmail Keyboard Shortcuts

To make sure you can use keyboard shortcuts in GoDaddy Workspace Webmail:

  1. Make sure you are using GoDaddy Workspace Webmail Classic.
    • Tip: If you see Classic View in your Webmail’s top bar, do follow the link.
  2. Select Settings | Display Settings… from the GoDaddy Webmail toolbar.
  3. Go to the Other tab.
  4. Make sure Enable shortcut keys: is checked.
  5. Click OK.

GoDaddy Workspace Webmail Keyboard Shortcuts: FAQ

Can I use keyboard shortcuts in the current version of GoDaddy Workspace Webmail?


Unfortunately, keyboard shortcuts are only available in the classic version of GoDaddy Webmail at this time.

(All GoDaddy Workspace Webmail keyboard shortcuts in one place tested with GoDaddy Workspace Webmail Classic 6.9; updated September 2018)